Basic Blends for a Good Cellar.

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Jun 5, 2023
Huntsville, AL
It seems like there are a 1,000 different directions building a tobacco cellar could go, but I want to cover my basics, and need advice. So far I have tobacco’s as pictured in excess, plus about 15lbs more tins. BUT, help me with some other good tobacco’s to pack away for the future. Pictures would be great also!! IMG_1577.jpegIMG_8716.jpegIMG_2426.jpeg
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May 29, 2023
“Tobacco Row “Richmond Virginia USA
It would be too many photos for me but I grab two of everything I can afford to buy when I make orders.
If it ends up being something I despise then I’ll give the open tin away and save the other for a later day for trade. I bulk purchase several staple blends as well.
As @RustiePyles CPG said above get enough of what you like incase the day come you no longer can !


Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Burlington WI
It took me a few years to figure out I only like burley blends. I have about 7 blends total, that I cellar. I don't veer from this path now. I don't even think about trying anything else. Every time I'm disappointed, or burned. I've whittled down my selection, and I cellar those blends deep. I'm not looking to make money off any of it ever, strictly want to have enough of the few tobaccos I enjoy, untill I die.


Nov 30, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Like wine, tobacco changes in character when it is aged.
Some may live for a couple of decades, but they won‘t be the same as when they were fresh
Also one’s tastes change over time.
I have friends who much prefer a younger wine over a well-matured bottle.
Looks like you have sufficient stock already to settle on your favourite blends

A few years ago I sold off over 150 dozen bottles from my cellar because I couldn’t see myself drinking those in any quantity
But I obviously did like them at some stage to accumulate so many bottles

I have over 70 blends of tobacco open at the moment
I only got back to pipes a few years ago and I am STILL working out which genres or blends I like best.
A couple of years ago I smoked mainly English/Balkan blends.
While I still like them, my preference now are Virginias and VaPers.
And I find an aromatic very enjoyable from time to time.

Work out your preference and stock up accordingly.
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Sep 9, 2022
Looks to me like the only advice you need is where to get the best deal on Ball jars.

I've always found Amazon to be pretty reliable, for four, eight and 16 oz. varieties.
Mylar bags are cheaper, lighter, won't break if you drop them, light-proof, vacuumable, and heat-sealable for long-term storage. Get minimum .7 mil gusset-bottom bags. Avoid the glass jar rabbit hole. (Or try both).


Apr 1, 2014
Colorado Rockies, Cripple Creek region
What you like now - you may hate in a few years and vice versa. I went through a cycle - or two..or three..or four. The few people who see my cellar think I'm nuts. I have so much friggin' tobacco - and 3/4's of it I hate now.

At 65, I'm a Syrian junkie, huge on FVF and some of GLP's blends. IMO GLP seems to cover everything I need...but I'm totally bummed to see his early 2000 Syrian blends long gone. And what's left is rusted and crusted into turd dust. The exception are those Syrian blends in factory mylar bags. 'And they are rare as hens teeth - plus you'll pay out the wazoo for them.

The new blends? Nothing I like really care for. Maybe Simply Orange, despite the name, it's a non aromatic - and a soft VA made by that Boston bulldog guy.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 2, 2023
Vancouver BC
It's hard to recommend anything since your tastes are your own. But probably the most generic advice for cellaring would be good quality bulk Virginia's or VaPer's. I mean who doesn't like a good VA with a few years of age on it? Peter Stokebye, Sutliff Newminster etc all make some pretty decent Va's
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 14, 2023
United States
Looks like you already have a nice collection. Continue on. Maybe try some of the Gawith and Hoggarth bulk blends as you can order however little or as much as you'd like. They are fantastic.
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