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Can't Leave
Jan 6, 2022
Fort Worth Texas
I have several J. Allen pipes that I am very pleased with. His are on the higher end $$$. You probably should begin with another carver being that you are just starting out.
Jun 9, 2015
Mission, Ks
For factory pipes I'd say hands down go with BriarWorks/Moonshine (though I’m not sure there’s another "factory" in the us.

Don't own any artisans but I’d love to eventually own a BST made by @sasquatch.
Dr Grabow are still made in Sparta, NC.

Our dear friend @sasquatch isn’t American, he’s Canadian 😉. He’d probably take offense to being called an American.😂


Jan 7, 2020
Dr Grabow are still made in Sparta, NC.

Our dear friend @sasquatch isn’t American, he’s Canadian 😉. He’d probably take offense to being called an American.😂
Oft you’re totally right! Yeah, don't buy a pipe from Canada. I left that country and for a reason and I’m not going back (unless someone in Alberta is giving away some hand made pipes).


Jul 16, 2012
I think there is or was an American School in handmade pipes, and I think it ranged around from Danish inspired stuff outright to a more traditional shaping approach with a slightly stouter and slightly more flamboyant approach. Rad Davis, Jack Howell, Bruce Weaver, Brian Ruthenberg, Mike Butera... To me guys like Todd Johnson and Jeff Gracik are doing something different from that more Japanese in Todd's case and more Danish in Jeff's... there's still elements of "Americanism" in the pipes, but I see them (and many others) as more of an amalgamation of aesthetic theories than an outright recognizeable school.

Butter Side Down

Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 2, 2023
Rad Davis, Jack Howell, Bruce Weaver, Brian Ruthenberg, Mike Butera... To me guys like Todd Johnson and Jeff Gracik
Everybody mentioned ^^ is top notch. Hard to go wrong with any of these. Good variety across styles too. Sadly, about half of these guys work will only be found it in the estate market. The other half are either limited output or pretty spendy. All great artisans and craftsmen though, so if you come across any of their pipes, you won't be disappointed if you pick one up.

Speaking from personal experience, two of the best pipes I own were made by David Huber and Abe Herbaugh. Both American. Both great makers. Both cool froods. Both still (for now) relatively affordable (considering the amount of time and work that go into a handmade pipe).

If you have the means though, probably the best way to check out a wide variety of American carvers is to go to a pipe show. You'll get to meet a lot of them, talk to them, put your hands on their work, and let them impress you with their passion for their craft. I can pretty much guarantee if you do that, you'll find someone whose work you connect with.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 18, 2022
Morgan pipes are worth checking out too. They have unfinished pipes(bones) that start at $39USD & more artisan pipes that run a little higher. I’ve got a bones & I love it. Great smoker & is coloring up nicely. There’s a lot of carvers on instagram, as stated earlier. Dr Grabow & Kaywoodie are some factory pipes that are affordable & absolute work horses. Happy hunting!


Part of the Furniture Now
Jun 4, 2021
Tasmania, Australia
I’d start here as it doesn’t get any more U. S. of A. than this.


Might Stick Around
Jan 21, 2012
Walt Cannoy makes some amazing pipes, his signatures are a little on the higher side but worth it! He has a Cardinal line which is more price friendly but still very fine as far as work goes.

Boswells is also good. JM and Dan have been doing this for a long time and have a very unique(kind of twisting) style in many of their pipes. They put pipes up for sale every monday night and they go pretty fast but they have a bunch at their shops so I would suggest calling.


Aug 17, 2023
All depends on you cost threshold,many great American made pipes. I've been making pipes in USA since 1989, made over 2700 pipes. I smoke nothing but American made pipes. I think they're the best, but what else would I say???


Jul 3, 2018
Let's not forget the late greats John Eells and Rich Lewis. They produced wonderful pipes that were variations on classic English ( really French) shapes, although Lewis did some traditional shapes with an Italian and Danish flair. Paul Bonacquisti has not been active recently but his pipes, like those of Eells are great variations of classic shapes.

Going back in time we should honor the great body of work of Joe Cortegiano, Paul Perri and other regional American artisans.


Jul 3, 2018
I neglected to mention Bill Feuerbach of Kaywoodie. In addition to his great skill in producing excellent factory made pipes, Bill makes superb freehands in both very classic shapes as well as many with a Danish and Italian styling.
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Feb 21, 2013
There are great American artisan pipe carvers, and there are still a few factory made briar pipes though they are becoming rare. The artisans can speak for themselves and are priced starting at two or three hundred, and some less. At the top, the sky is the limit. Among the factory made briars, the two high volume makers in this dwindling breed are Kaywoodie and Dr. Grabow. I like the Kaywoodie Saxon line and the Dr. Grabow Royalton line, both available at about fifty USD last I looked.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 8, 2023
As far as artisan pipe making goes, it has to be said, the Americans are turning out the best stuff. It's actually a no contest between them and everyone else. Bloody expensive though, I have noticed that whilst tobacco is cheap in America, pipes are not. That said, my next aquisition will be an American artisan pipe, just have to decide which.