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    Cleaned Out Pipe - What a Difference!

    Welcome to the forum! While I have no experience with flake, and couldn't advise you on it, I certainly love the Gawith pure Turkish, and I'm sure his other bacci's are of comparable quality. And, yes, a clean pipe makes a world of difference!
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    Your Most Expensive Pipe?

    My most expensive pipe is this Kirsten: ...but it is far from my best smoker, which is this Koolsmoke...
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    What Type of Pipe is This?

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new pipe!
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    Kirsten Pipe Bowls

    If there are no o rings at all, it's first generation: Personally, I like the way the Falcon smokes more than either the Kirsten or the Viking. All provide cool, dry smokes, but the Viking tends to gurgle after a while, and the Kirsten has a less...
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    A Few Questions About My Kirsten

    "One thing you might check is the circular valve located at the bowl end of the shank. By turning this valve, you should be able to adjust the draw." "So even with the stem completely out of the pipe (the mouthpiece is attached to a long metal shank), it draws hard." Listen, zonomo. The ramrod...
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    What to Use to Polish Up Restored Estates?

    Here in Israel Carnuba isn't available, but beeswax (called donahg in Hebrew) is plentiful. It's great for shining and protecting both stems and bowls.
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    Oddball Pipes

    Whenever you may have some spare time, and are not all that familiar with metal-framed pipes, you should check out this great site: I prefer not to call them 'oddball,' but 'non-traditional.' I possess about 30 of these, and can attest to the great...
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    A Few Questions About My Kirsten

    "You can use a flat head screwdriver to secure the bowl. Look into the empty bowl. Did you clean it?" Wow - how did I miss that obvious piece of great advice? +1 rhogg!
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    Zippo Lighter Repair Review

    I'll gladly add my vote with those who've experienced great service from Zippo. a few years ago a Zippo my wife had bought me for my birthday just wouldn't light. I sent it to them from Israel, and it came back in a couple of weeks with a new insert that has since been working perfectly for years.
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    A Few Questions About My Kirsten

    One thing you might check is the circular valve located at the bowl end of the shank. By turning this valve, you should be able to adjust the draw. If the valve does not turn and/or cannot be removed, it would be the cause of your problem.If the valve is indeed stuck, you should boil the frame...
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    JFK With Pipe, Circa 1963

    JFK was primarily a Habanos smoker, and, sad to say, a flaming hypocrite regarding the presidential order he signed forbidding imports of Cuban products manufactured after 1959 into the U.S. He was careful to have an aide procure vast quantities of his favorite Habano just prior to his signing...
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    Days You Won't Smoke?

    As an observant Jew, I concur with the rabbi, although there is certainly a way around the problem of 'causing a fire to burn' - the flameless lighter! One could argue that the spark and glow of this type of lighter - like that of the electric light bulb - might violate the 'spirit' of the...
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    Bummer of an Auction - Retort

    Indeed it does; thanks for the explanation!
  14. yadan

    Bummer of an Auction - Retort

    Another question about this (asked due to lack of experience with the process): Since my purchases are almost exclusively metal-framed pipes, I can boil the frames directly in alcohol, which you fellows obviously cannot due with briar-shank pipes. However, what would be lacking if you simply...
  15. yadan

    $50 Pipe vs. $1000 Pipe

    Hi, and welcome to the forum! Another angle you might want to consider after having smoked a few briars and cobs is the metal-framed pipe, such as the Falcon (the only one still in actual production). This kind of pipe is not everyone's cup of tea, since there are those who just don't like...