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    Have Difficulties Finding Group 2 Sized , Straight Billiard Pipes

    And, for the record, I know exactly the range size your referring to when you use the Dunhill groupings. For the most part the group sizes are within a certain range. I wish everyone would use it so there would be a common and simplified language.
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    Have Difficulties Finding Group 2 Sized , Straight Billiard Pipes

    Stanwell shape 107 is a great group 2 sized billiard but save some for me. I love them.
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    Restaining Question

    If you use an aniline (alcohol based) dye like Fiebings leather dye (the most commonly used dye by professional pipemakers), there's no need to mask if you don't want to as it wipes off easily with alcohol.
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    The Burley & The Briar in Bloomington, Indiana

    This shop is just about 20 or 30 minutes from my home. It's a great little shop with a fantastic smoking lounge. Oddly enough, I've only been there a few times. This thread reminds me that I need to visit again soon.
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    What Music Are You Listening To? ~ September 2018

    Greta Von Fleet - If you like Led Zepplin, you may like this band from Michigan. Another one I've been into is Gary Clark, Jr. - Jimi Hendrix meets Mississippi Delta Blues meets Chicago Blues. Pretty amazing stuff.
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    50-60 dollar pipe.

    Stanwell pipes would be my first pick.
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    Why Briar?

    It's my understanding that the environment around the Mediterranean Sea is a bit harsh which results in the heath tree growing at a much slower rate which in turn results in a more dense wood. There are other heath tree varieties that can and have been used for pipes. mso489 mentioned one-...
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    What Do You Do For a Living? 2nd edition

    I currently have four jobs. My main job is as a hospital supervisor (house supervisor) overseeing the operations of a hospital. My second gig is as a vascular access specialist performing ultrasound guided venipuncture and teaching other healthcare workers to do the same. My third job is as a...
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    Did Anyone Have a Good First Smoke?

    My first pipe was pretty awful. It was a local blend called Ginger Snap in a GBD zulu that bit me like a rabid dog. I wasn't sure from that point if I'd be able to enjoy it at all but I kept on and finally figured it out.
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    Fine White Ash - Really?

    Smoking to a fine white (gray) ash is possible as many have said. I experienced this zen moment this evening. I think the temp/humidity and smoker cadence are the biggest key factors as mentioned. I was relaxed on a bench outside The Blind Lemon in Cincinnati enjoying some Stanwell Melange in...
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    Pipe Carving Questions

    Lot's of good advice already given here. I would just add that you might want to check out and read through the archives. The sight isn't as active as it used to be (mostly because there's not much more to say since just about every topic has already been discussed ad...
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    Stem Removal - Yes or No?

    I don't make it a practice to regularly remove the stem; especially when the pipe is still warm. As mentioned, moisture swells the briar mortise and heat can misshapen the tenon. It's also true that tenons that don't have a slightly rounded over edge can dig into the briar over time and...
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    Stanwell Italian Made Pipes

    The ones in the photo are cheap Harbor Freight ones I picked up for something like $10 if I remember correctly. They've actually lasted for three or four years now and are still going strong. I'm not usually a cheap tool kinda guy but these have worked great for the job.
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    Stanwell Italian Made Pipes

    I use these tools in order from left to right when cutting a new slot. The far left tool isn't needed when cutting the slot on an existing pipe. If the stem is bent it needs to be straightened by slowly and gently heating it up until it softens. I use a heat gun and keep the stem moving so it...
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    Stanwell Italian Made Pipes

    That's because cobs and some other factory made pipes use premolded stems rather than stems made from rod stock.