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    Who Remembers Smoking Cars?

    Actually, I was in a smoking seat on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka as recently as 2017. More recently--this past February--smoking seats were not available on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto (this time, they had cramped little smoking cabins designed to hold four standing smokers...
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    Sealed Tin Weight Variation - GLP

    Most were flakes and plugs other than the Chelsea Morning, right? There's more packaging in the tins with flakes and plugs (paper 'holders') to keep those secure. Assuming your data points other than Chelsea Morning are flakes and plugs, the difference lies there. Beyond that, yes, there's...
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    SP Tech Glitch

    Give us 15 minutes. We were doing maintenance that we thought would be brief that turned out to take longer than anticipated.
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    Why Do Good Retailers Go To Surepost???

    And that is pretty much what we tried to engineer by subsidizing options that aren't Surepost.
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    Why Do Good Retailers Go To Surepost???

    Here is exactly why: We didn't use Surepost for years. We offered either USPS Priority or UPS Ground, depending on weight and destination. In a nutshell: Ground is cheap and really fast close by (shipping from us to, say, Charlotte, NC) and Priority is faster across the country. However...
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    Tin Limits

    Just to quickly weigh in: we sort of hate having to have tin limits too, but the alternative--getting cleaned out in minutes--is much worse. We've experimented with various ways to allocate scarce tobaccos, but at the end of the day, the problem is that there are fewer tins to sell than people...
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    Savinelli Issue

    Obviously I have no idea who you spoke to or what company you bought the pipe from, but what the customer service agent should have said is that this is fairly common, particularly in winter, because the wood contracts somewhat in transit when it goes from a climate controlled warehouse to a...
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    SP IPSD 2020 Sale - New and Estate pipes 15% off and Tinned and Bulk Pipe Tobaccos 10% Off

    Except that we're not. Not that there's anything wrong with selling on ebay, but we don't. We bought that pipe back in October; I don't see how it could have been (in a literal sense) the same pipe as the one you saw on ebay.
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    If HU Tobacco Was Available At, Would You Order It?

    The short answer is that it is not possible to bring in HU because it wasn't on the market in the US prior to the summer of 2016. It would require an SE which would require pre-approval from FDA. If it weren't for that impediment, it's exactly the sort of project we seek out. So, it's not us...
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    Heads UP!

    The UPS thing only applies to the US and will, I hope, be temporary. They had some policy/contract changes on carriage of tobacco to consumers that we're sorting out with them right now (that we disagree with), but rather than violate the terms of contract, we opted to turn off UPS for domestic...
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    What Is The Peterson Deluxe System Shape Number For A 312?

    The 317 (Standard and Premier System) = 12.5 (Deluxe System) = 230 (non-System). There's a little variation from bowl to bowl, but not like this. The measurements on are simply not right for the Deluxe System 12.5. Stay tuned for a revamped where, among many other...
  12. swilford Lore Discussion

    Along with Billy Budd - Sailorman Jack, there are a bunch of old alt.smokers.pipes references: Firedance Flake from Samuel Gawith is named for June Stark, an old regular on ASP who passed in the mid-2000s also, for example. I participated actively on Alt.Smokers.Pipes from late 1999 to about...
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    Carolina Red Flake Tin Number

    C&D made 10k for the US market and about 300 (unserialized) for other markets. There's easy way to keep the serializing straight across markets (for a variety of reasons, but not least of which is because of labeling requirements being different in different markets). And, yes, they didn't fill...
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    K&P & Peterson: Whats the Difference?

    Eamon's answer from Peterson is spot on, of course. The company name is (and has been for a very long time) Kapp & Peterson, Ltd. and the pipes have been variously branded Peterson, Peterson's, Kapp & Peterson and K&P. It doesn't really signify. The stamps on pipes these days are all some...
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    The Pipes of Sherlock Holmes

    We're doing lots of things along these lines. There is so much old interesting stuff at Peterson that it's more a matter of prioritizing projects than it is deciding to do these things or not. The resurrected John Bull for 2019's Pipe of the Year was the first project like this. The next few...