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  1. spugni

    Forever Stems, Not So Forever...... Sad and Gone (

    Luckily I ordered a stem from them a few weeks ago.
  2. spugni

    In Memory of Matches860

    A great soul who touched a lot of people. He will be sorely missed.
  3. spugni

    Microwaving Tobacco

    7 with most blends!
  4. spugni

    Post-Smoking Mouth Care

    Biotene works wonders.
  5. spugni

    Never Ending Daily Use Blending Tin

    That's not a bad idea. I might try that.
  6. spugni

    Virginia and VaPer Recommendations

    I'm a big fan of Peterson Irish Cask.
  7. spugni

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    Good news.
  8. spugni

    How Many Bowls a Day Do You Smoke?

    Like many here probably 1-3.
  9. spugni

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    Looks like good news. I just received this email. The latest word from the director of the Chicagoland Pipe Show. “This week I spoke with the President of Hostmark, the manager of Pheasant Run. He assured me that PR will be open and will host the 2020 Show. This will be after laid off...
  10. spugni

    More Pipes or More Tobaccos??

    Cellar deep. Your pipes will be useless without your beloved blends.
  11. spugni

    Favorite Cornell & Diehl Blends?

    I like Bourbon Bleu, Haunted Bookshop, Old Joe Krantz, and Cheney's Cake. Really delicious.
  12. spugni

    Cellaring in Plastic? Your Thoughts

    I heard an interview with Mike McNeil recently and he was dead set against plastic. Mason jars are pretty much perfect in my opinion.
  13. spugni

    How Would You Build Your Cellar: A Timing Question?

    I let sales dictate how I cellar. When there is a sale on a favorite blend , I stockpile. I can usually snag one of my favorites for between $6-$7 per tin. About a year ago I got a lot of Orlik for about $5 a tin. That's my general strategy at this point.
  14. spugni

    Favorite Youtube Tobacco Reviewer

    Probably a tie between Matches860 and Bremen Pipesmoker. Both are fantastic.