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    Jared Coles Lens

    Having sent in several pipes for store credit to Smoking Pipes, I decide to pull the trigger on this Jared Coles pipe. Very excited to get it. Should be here Saturday! Whoop!
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    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    We toast our faithful comrades Now fallen from the sky And gently caught by God’s own hand To be with him on high. To dwell among the soaring clouds They knew so well before From dawn patrol and victory roll At heaven’s very door And as we fly among them there We’re sure to hear their plea-...
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    Found myself a Disney

    From my understanding, Disney commissioned pipes from several makers. Many are Comoy's shapes. Some are marked Italy, England, France etc. I've never seen stamps from the original makers.
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    Found myself a Disney

    I found most on Ebay through the years. I found the pocket pipe at an antique shop in Waco. Disneyland pipes are pretty rare. I have 13 Disney pipes right now. Two are Disneyland marked. Of course Brian Levine is the real expert. He started a FB page about it shortly after I met him...
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    Found myself a Disney

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    Found myself a Disney

    I have more than a few. ABout the only pipes I truly "collect" Here are some of my nicer finds.
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    Snapped Horn Repair

    So Awesome!! Great to see!
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    Hi from DFW Texas

    Welcome from the North Dallas area
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    The Psychology of Brands

    Wag the Dog is an outstanding movie!
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    Smoking in the Car

    I would smoke my cobs in my truck. I found it a bit of a hassle since it was a stick. Mostly I stick with cigars while driving.
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    The Psychology of Brands

    I don't know. I really enjoy Haunted Bookshop, but rarely smoke it unless it's October and I only smoke it in a skull Meer. My "Halloween Pipe". I look at it as more of a traditional thing to bring in the fall/winter season. Kinda like hotdogs and burgers on Memorial day weekend. Are they...
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    What Pipe tops Your PAD List Right Now?

    I just recently scratched that itch...for now anyway. I always wanted an antler pipe from the late Sam Learned. Got this a couple of weeks ago, so I'm good for now. As far as current PAD an Ardor is out there with my name on it.
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    How Many Pipes Do You Members Own?

    A couple
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    I Finally Got Lucky!

    I'm still thinking on it, but leaning towards holding onto it for a while. Yes it is a Unique.
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    I Finally Got Lucky!

    It's a tangled web we weave. :|