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  1. RonB

    School Me on Dunhill London Mixture

    It’s wonderful IMHO. A little more orientals than most other Latakia blends. It’s a classic.
  2. RonB

    Ser Jacopo

    One of my favorites.
  3. RonB

    Jim's GLP Bankside Review.

    Sounds interesting. Bright VA's, Red VA's, perique, Kentucky and Latakia!
  4. RonB

    Ascorti and Caminetto

    Very cool!
  5. RonB

    Cleaning up a $30 Estate Savinelli

    Wow, beautiful.
  6. RonB

    What Are You Smoking, October 2022?

    Classic Sansom from 2009 in a Savinelli Autograph #5
  7. RonB

    Amazon's Rings of Power.

    I think the worst aspect of this series is it is slow and boring. They seem to be stretching this out to be a six season series instead of what should probably be one.
  8. RonB

    Rattray 3 Noggins

    Tobacco Reviews only has an average 2.4 rating from 44 reviews.
  9. RonB

    Rattray 3 Noggins

    I'm just curious what other's here think of Rattray's 3 Noggins. It doesn't get many mentions. Sometimes I enjoy it and other times I've just found it OK. My tins are aged so that may have improve them. I see Jimlnks review from a few years ago on Tobacco Reviews was less than enthusiastic...
  10. RonB

    What Are You Smoking, October 2022?

    I love your Jack Howell collection.
  11. RonB

    Who is Your Current Favorite Writer?

    Robert Goddard (Into the Blue etc) and Patrick O’Brian (Post Captain etc). Both amazing writers.
  12. RonB

    What Are You Smoking, October 2022?

    Jack Knife Plug in a Savinelli Autograph.
  13. RonB

    Favorite Bur/Per

    Interesting that you find their similar. I think they’re very different with Tuggle Hall being more of an English blend IMHO. I much prefer Tuggle Hall of the two.
  14. RonB

    Hello from London

  15. RonB

    What are Your Hobbies?

    Reading: an average of 5 books a month including history, and fiction from Trollope to modern mysteries. Gardening: although since we downsized I’m not doing nearly as much of this. Travel: mostly in the US now. Fountain Pens: I have about 200 including about two dozen vintage Parker 51’s (my...