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    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Correct, as usual. I know something will be coming out of STG in the way of Dunhill-blend (re-re-blend...) re-issues. I was just curious if anyone had a lead on where this Peterson stuff came from. Like I said - it makes sense. Can't believe just yet that this wasn't someone just having a bit...
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    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Word on the internet street is, this is a doctored photo from reddit. After searching, I haven't found corroboration that they'll be Peterson-branded (though, it seems plenty feasible), the tin art will remain the same, or the specific list of blends. I hope it to be true, as it would make a...
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    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Curiously, this information with the tin art and such is not included in the press release on the STG site from July 3. What is the source of this info?
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    Keep It Smokey

    Cheers and Godspeed, Banjo.
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    In Preperation For St. Paddy's Day, What's Your Favorite Irish Whiskey?

    Green Spot is good. Redbreast is good. I'll always be happy with a good old shot of Jameson, though. I have a gig on the day, so I'm sure I'll be partaking. It's at a retirement community, though, so I'll probably not go too crazy!! :D
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    Breathe smoking Q&A

    Assuming you're clenching when breathe smoking, as opposed to holding the pipe in situ, are your lips sealed around the stem, or is performed with the Clint Eastwood cigar snarl? A: My lips are sealed around the pipe and my tongue is used to quickly plug the stem if I want to retrohale...
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    Found Some Mason Jars That Claim to Block 99% of UV Light. Worth the Extra Cost?

    Mylar is good long-term if you heat seal it. The zippers themselves can and will fail, so don't rely on them.
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    Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Auction 24/7 All Year

    Oh, yes, hello! I'm in Puyallup. Do you ever make it to Smokey Joe's?
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    Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Auction 24/7 All Year

    Actually I just looked at their shipping policy. The only state they don't ship to is South Dakota.
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    Charatan introduces Dunhill blends

    Wow, everyone is trying to get on this gravy train. This is getting to be like Elvis impersonators.
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    Alright, Serious Question of The Day: Do You Toast Your Bagel, Or Not?

    The boiling of bagels is most often done in an alkaline solution (industrially lye, home kitchen most often baking soda), which promotes browning while baking. Same routine with pretzels. Pennsylvania does this best. Toasted always with cream cheese.
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    I Just Cleaned 24 Pipes in 20 Minutes!

    This thread, and the lack of logic contained herein, is truly comical. This subject is endlessly entertaining.
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    Transaction Gone Bad - Advice Needed

    It very well may be the same gentleman and I'll take your input under consideration! Thanks!
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    Transaction Gone Bad - Advice Needed

    ACTUALLY - I just remembered I also included a cob and some other sampler tobaccos as well as a gift. No way I'm sending money without getting that jar back.