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  1. pianopuffer

    Vanilla Aromatic Recommendations

    MB Vanilla Cream Flake
  2. pianopuffer

    Daughters & Ryan, The Best or The Worst?

    I like the Three Sails from them, nice VA shag, as well as the Ramback, which is a VA/KY shag blend not unlike G&H Dark Birdseye. Excellent value for the money IMO.
  3. pianopuffer

    Expensive Pipes ~ Should I Smoke Them?

    Of course you should smoke them, or send em to me and I'd be happy to do it for you...ha!
  4. pianopuffer

    Orlik Golden Sliced (Newbie Review)

    +1 for OGS. A timeless blend for sure. I love it, and have cellared it deep. It doesn't hurt that it's cheap too! I'll also throw a vote in for Penny Farthing, but not a simple blend, imo. Quite a complex melange but delicious. Reiner and Heinrichs are also top favorites, as is Aylesbury...
  5. pianopuffer

    Blue Room Briars Is Amazing

    +1. Blue Room Briars is on point. They get every dollar I can spend on new and estate pipes. Jesse, Scott, and Ian are all top notch dudes. Now the word is out!
  6. pianopuffer

    Burley and Va Burley

    I'll add Peterson University to this list.
  7. pianopuffer

    Pipe Shapes and Moisture Control

    I think the general consensus is that bent pipes have a propensity to collect moisture and gurgle more than straight pipes. Clenching exacerbates this to some degree. I smoke only straight pipes with only a couple bents in my collection.
  8. pianopuffer

    Comoys Cask no.4 Navy Stand Fast Flake

    +1. It's quickly become a favorite of mine.
  9. pianopuffer

    What Is The Best Way To Clean And Sanitize An Estate Pipe

    Depends on your definition of "sanitized". There a lots of opinions about the matter....personally, I love reborn pipes site. He gives lots of different ways to go about cleaning and restoring a pipe, but also gives less abrasive options as well. As to your question, yes, high proof alcohol...
  10. pianopuffer

    Vanilla Sans Topping Nor an Aro

    I dont smoke aromatics, but I do find MB Vanilla Flake, or I believe its now called Vanilla Cream Flake? to hit the mark. It has that underlying sweetness of vanilla but to me, isn't cloying. That said, it will ghost your pipe, albeit a sweet ghost.
  11. pianopuffer

    GL Pease VaPers- Differences?

    I thought Union Sq was a straight VA? I’ll add a tin of Stratford to the list thanks.
  12. pianopuffer

    GL Pease VaPers- Differences?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've had Haddos', wasn't for me I don't think. Too boozy maybe? Or perhaps could have been the burley addition. Either way, I do enjoy Stonehenge and Penny Farthing, but was looking for more straight VaPer blends. I'll give Telegraph Hill a go, as Lombard on...
  13. pianopuffer

    GL Pease VaPers- Differences?

    Looking to explore the VaPer line of Pease blends, and wondering what the big differences are between them? To clarify, not interested in those that contain Lat. Thanks!
  14. pianopuffer

    IPSD Festivities

    It was cold here as well on the East Coast but managed to get out this morning and enjoy some Sutliff Chatham Manor in my 1930s Kaywoodie Lovat. Happy smokes all!
  15. pianopuffer

    Best Pipe for Clenchers?

    Weight is definitely a factor for me as I clench 95% of the time. You also have to be careful with length as even a lightweight briar that is too long will make it feel heavier than it really is.