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  1. pandapiper

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian in a Nording Valhalla 202.
  2. pandapiper

    C&D Smoking Pipes 20th Anniversary Flake and Dark Flake

    Postman just delivered mine. Wonderfully packed as always. It'll probably be some time before I try it though, already have with open blends to work through. The XX Flake tin numbers are 1418, 1571 and 4667. The Dark Flake is tin 2402.
  3. pandapiper

    P&C IPSD Only Day Sale

    I would have jumped on this but really don't have the funds, just trying to save enough for a Friday Savinelli pre-order before months end.
  4. pandapiper

    Heads UP!

    Thank you for the heads up. I've been using UPS almost exclusively for my orders as the USPS (in my neighborhood) is terribly unreliable. It irked me a little when I qualified for free shipping on a large order, only to find out that the free standard UPS service had been replaced with UPS...
  5. pandapiper

    Peretti Blends

    I'm lucky enough to have Perretti as my local B&M, I haven't tried most of their blends but particularly enjoy Tashkent, Thanksgiving and Boston Best. I didn't care for the coffee blend, or the bottom of the bag sample of 1072 I received. I have a few others jarred notably Cuban Mixture, Royal...
  6. pandapiper

    Pipes & Cigars Special

    The jars do look nice, but it is a gamble whether they arrive intact. I have two already, from the HH Vintage Syrian a couple years ago. One arrived with a large crack running the length of the jar. Thankfully it's not that noticeable at a glance, so it's more a showpiece than a functional jar...
  7. pandapiper


    Congrats Workman! Welcome to the club. 7 years and counting here, can't say it's been easy, but it's been worth it.
  8. pandapiper

    I Have Some Arango Balkan Supreme on the Way

    original article on Balkan Supreme at P&C This is what I'm working off. Stokkebye make the blend for Arango, I've seen it listed as a Stokkebye blend on some retailers sites, and Arango in others.
  9. pandapiper

    TP has 2019 C&D Small Batch Sansepolcro

    4 tins for me as well, also threw in some of the Drucquer tins and a tamper to round out the order.
  10. pandapiper

    Peter Stokkebye Balkan Supreme

    I was under the impression that the Arango Balkan Supreme and the Peter Stokkebye Balkan Supreme were the same blend. P&C sells it as Stokkebye, while SP sells it as Arango. I've only ever ordered the Arango because of this train of thought, if they are different then I'll order some of the...
  11. pandapiper

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    Scotty's Salmon River in a Marcus corn cob, with some hazelnut coffee.
  12. pandapiper

    TAD Meltdown

    Someone please take away my internet.. TAD has already struck more than I hoped and now I come to find out I've ordered a top up of something I already reordered earlier this year. i keep a spreadsheet of my orders and was reviewing it last week. I made a couple of corrections, a decimal point...
  13. pandapiper

    P&C 25% Code Works for PipeTobacco

    Thanks for the heads up on this. The code seems to be site wide near enough. My cart went through many many iterations before I pulled the trigger. I added and removed various tins, even a small Meershaum pipe which despite it being a steal, I'd rather save the cash for a better quality one. I...
  14. pandapiper

    Pipes & Cigars

    Got it working, I cleared the cache and restarted my phone. Wanted to see what was on the Lane appreciation sale.. Happy to see Peter Stokkebye blends are included. Might get some Luxury Navy Flake for the cellar.