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  1. n_irwin

    Burley Blends for Those Who Dislike Burley

    I haven’t liked most of the Burley blends I have smoked, but I recently tried WCC Deluxe Crumb Cut and really enjoy it.
  2. n_irwin

    Lovat : Love it

    Nice pipe, congrats. The lovat is one of my favorite shapes.
  3. n_irwin

    Do You Introduce Yourself to Other Pipe Smokers?

    On the couple occasions that I have crossed path with another pipe smoker, the conversation has been pleasant. We’ve even exchanged some of the tobaccos we were smoking. Usually while I’m smoking in public, someone remarks of how the aroma reminds them of their granddad or uncle.
  4. n_irwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2022?***

    Tonight, I got to enjoy a bowl of WCC Old Black Magic as the sun set over the Sahara.
  5. n_irwin

    Semi-Truck Carrying Sex Toys Spills Out Onto Oklahoma Highway

    If you watch the video of the local news report, the guy in the helicopter actually reports, « this is a semi that overturned and lost its load here… »
  6. n_irwin

    My Beginner Sampler Selections

    I can’t get enough of the Watch City blends recently. Such good stuff! I might suggest you go there and pick one from each category.
  7. n_irwin

    What Advice Would you Give a Young Man?

    Be graceful. With yourself and with others.
  8. n_irwin

    Your Favorite Third Of The Smoke?

    I would say that middle third, but I also really enjoy the initial aroma and flavor.
  9. n_irwin

    Language It Is A Funny Thing

    I remember the old ‘pen is mightier’ bit
  10. n_irwin

    Custom Ashtray and Matching Tamper

    That’s a super cool gift! Enjoy!
  11. n_irwin

    An Aromatic I Enjoy!!

    Hey, I know Ted’s! I used to live in Muskogee and that’s where I got all my tobacco when I was getting started. Is it still open?
  12. n_irwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2022?***

    Any luck? How did it go?
  13. n_irwin

    Greetings from EGYPT!

    As they say here in Tunis, marahbabik!
  14. n_irwin

    What are Your Hobbies?

    Fun to read through these. With four kids at home, they get a fair share of my downtime, and I enjoy playing games and baseball with them. I also enjoy playing guitar, carpentry, hiking/camping, reading and travel.
  15. n_irwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2022?***

    This morning, it was SPC Plum Pudding in a Castelsardo by Tom Spanu.