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  1. n_irwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2023?***

    Enjoying a bowl of Scarecrow in an old Comoy’s Sandblast as the kids roast marshmallows.
  2. n_irwin

    🎄The Official Unofficial PipesMagazine Secret Santa 2023 🎅

    First timer for Secret Santa. Looking forward to jumping in on the fun. My favorite tobaccos are produced by GH and SG. I tend to enjoy tobaccos with a little sweetness—Lakelands, Aromatics, VAs and VAPers. Merry Christmas! 🎄
  3. n_irwin

    Barely Smoked Reuben-era Charatan

    I mentioned this pipe in a thread called 'Your Pipe Acquisition of the Year' at the end of 2022. Because I was overseas at the time that I bought the pipe, I had it shipped to my sister’s house, and recently I was able to get it in hand. I’m floored by the quality and condition of this pipe...
  4. n_irwin

    Forum Jazz fans and Jazz musicians?

    I was listening to Dave Brubeck, Cannonball Adderly and Art Blakey on the record player just yesterday. Jazz fans, you might find Ken Burns’ Jazz documentary of interest.
  5. n_irwin

    LJ Peretti Thanksgiving Day

    They have it at $26 on their site. You might tuck the link away for your order on Nov 1.
  6. n_irwin

    Most disappointing Tobaccos.

    Just a quick off-topic… @sablebrush52, your new profile image killed me. So good!
  7. n_irwin

    Chocolate Flakes of Yore

    I got more of a raspberry thing from Mocha Strips, but I enjoyed it. Good stuff.
  8. n_irwin

    Box Pass 2023 Signup

    The box was mailed to the next recipient earlier this morning. As many have already said, it’s full of a wide variety of really quality blends. It was a pleasure to be part of the box pass. Thanks to everyone upstream that shared their tobaccos!
  9. n_irwin

    Box Pass 2023 Signup

    The box arrived this afternoon. I’ll get a chance to open it up and look through it later this evening.
  10. n_irwin

    Box Pass 2023 Signup

    That’s good news for me, as I’m the next guy. Thanks, @cosmicfolklore!
  11. n_irwin

    Best of the Rest

    Try this link:
  12. n_irwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2023?***

    My last smoke in Tunisia before moving back to the US. A beautiful way to go out.
  13. n_irwin

    London Pipe Shops

    I finally had some time on my last day in London to visit some shops around the city. I though I might share my experience and some photos for those who might be visiting in the future. The first set of shops I visited were over by the Tower of London. Smoker’s Pleasure was a small shop with a...
  14. n_irwin

    London Pipe Shops

    Thanks for the input so far!