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  1. mlaug

    Pipe Collection Brand Roll-Call

    Bogelund era Bari x 16 Ben Wade/Preben Holm x 46 Savinelli x 4 Nanna Iversson Karl Erick x 4 Jeppesen x 4 Bent Nielsen Poul Winslow x 2 and assorted odds and ends makers.
  2. mlaug

    I bought a Preben Holms in Mid 60s

    That is a grade score given to the pipe typically based on grain/appearance. Is this a Hand Cut?
  3. mlaug

    The new FDA rules have put me out of business.

    2 seconds of Google -
  4. mlaug

    A Strang Turn of Events

    Those aren't hawks, those look like turkey buzzards. Someone/thing smells dead. Not the best recommendation for that tobacco.
  5. mlaug

    Capitalist Tyranny!

    Yes, imagine if it was similar to a firearm internet purchase and a gov. background check had to be run before you could pick up your order from a licensed fed tobacco dealer. :roll:
  6. mlaug

    A Cautionary Tale - Broken Pipe, Ill-Used Widow, Piper of Ill Repute

    I've seen this before regarding firearms collections. It would be best to keep an inventory listing value of any collection one has.
  7. mlaug

    Holy Grail: Custom-bilt Smooth

    An unusual and attractive pipe. Congrats Andrew!
  8. mlaug

    Preben Holm info Needed??

    Very attractive.
  9. mlaug

    Preben Holm info Needed??

    This was another line that Holm carved, outside the Ben Wade contract pipes he was producing for Snug Harbor/Lane. I think they were mostly carved in the mid to late 70's or early 80's. They are one of a number of projects Holm carved, such as the Monte Verdi series, the Rungsted Mariner series...
  10. mlaug

    Monte Verde pipes

    The Monte Verdi line was indeed a pipe style offered by Holm. It usually features heavily blasted and rusticated briar and smaller group sizes than some of his other lines. Some refer to this line as a "second", but it provided an outlet for briar that had flaws and therefore unsuitable his...
  11. mlaug

    question on images

    Sorry namdoc, I played with your link and couldn't get it to work.
  12. mlaug

    A Secomd Chance

    Interesting presentation pipe. Rassmussen was the pilot that saved the passengers on that flight. Its the general concession that he got the shaft from SAS regarding crash responsibility. Although he followed SAS procedures, they were inadequate...
  13. mlaug

    NY Proposes A Smoking Ban In Autos

    Why not go for broke and outlaw smoking in the home?
  14. mlaug

    NY Proposes A Smoking Ban In Autos

    Yes, I'm not comfortable letting a smoking parent decide this sort of thing for themseleves. :roll: After the magic age of fourteen them are immune to secondhand smoke? This was something I didn't know. Good for them.
  15. mlaug

    NY Proposes A Smoking Ban In Autos

    Ban. It's for the children.