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  1. mattguss

    Four Seattle Pipe Club review by Jim Amash aka JimInks

    Thank you Jim for this terrific review and profile of Joe's wonderful blends. We love 'em of course but it's just great to see Joe's blends enjoyed by so many folks in our pipe community. Your eloquent reviews put into words what I would have a tough time describing. Looking forward to your...
  2. mattguss

    PHOTO WITH JOE CONTEST at the Chicago Pipe Show!

    PHOTO WITH JOE CONTEST WIN $1,200 in PRIZES! The Photo With Joe Contest! Enter to win more than $1,200 in prizes. Photos must be taken at the Seattle Pipe Club table during the Chicago Pipe Show May 5-7, 2017. May the best photo win! Just snap your best photo with Master Blender Joe Lankford...
  3. mattguss

    Who will be at the 2017 Chicago Pipe Show?

    Thursday thru Sunday night. Whether this is your first time or your 17th, it's is the epicenter of the pipe world! Never to be missed.
  4. mattguss

    Other Seattle Pipe Club Blends

    This is the Club's first foray into aromatics. About half of the round flat tin blends are aro's. Hope you enjoy them! Glad you liked Omak.
  5. mattguss

    SPC Plum Pudding And Potlach

    Plum Pudding is the best Balkan ever made in my opinion. I love it above everything else. Other people feel that way about Mississippi River. You have to try them for yourself or you'll never, ever know. But that's the fun part.
  6. mattguss

    Broken Pipe Joe Harb

    What sad news that is. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe when my brothers and I created the Balakan Sobranie Throwdown in 2011. We asked Joe to be on the panel of judges with Rick Newcombe and Neill Archer Roan. Joe's renowned tobacco knowledge and superb taste abilities brought a sober...
  7. mattguss

    Ivarsson Broken Shank Repair + New Stem (pic heavy)

    Spectacular, museum quality repair on my good friend's pipe. Thank you for doing it and showing your photos in process. Magnificent work!
  8. mattguss

    Seattle Pipe Club

    Rfernand, Everyone is welcome to attend the Seattle Pipe club meetings. No charge, free, gratis! Membership is optional. Come this Wednesday as it is our Octoberfest Beer & Tobacco Pairing night. (Club meetings are every 2nd Wednesday at Smokey Joe's in Fife) See our website for meeting...
  9. mattguss

    Seattle Pipe Club blends in bulk?

    Seattle Evening will finally be available in 2 and 8 ounce tins very soon -- due to popular demand! Definitely before December. You might try pre-ordering thru Pipes & Cigars.
  10. mattguss

    Will we ever see Balkan's on sale again?

    Plum Pudding from Seattle Pipe Club is the best Balkan I have ever smoked. I have smoked pounds of it too!
  11. mattguss

    Chicago Pipe Show 2016

    The Chicago show is fantastic and one of a kind. I am confident that it will continue and grow. Unfortunately, it doesn't help to peek behind the CPCC curtains and see the issues they have to address to make the show happen. We live in a changing world and the Chicago club has done an...
  12. mattguss

    What's Up With The Seattle Pipe Club Blends?

    Thank you for the comment about Mississippi River lordofthepiperings. The Seattle Pipe Club works extremely hard to be certain our blends are up to the high standards our customers expect. Consistency is everything to us. We care a lot about this blend because it is one of our favorites too...
  13. mattguss

    Deception Pass: new VaPer blend from Seattle Pipe Club

    Introducing the newest Seattle Pipe Club blend...DECEPTION PASS! Coming February 23rd! Pre Orders at Deception Pass is the latest Joe Lankford concoction: a Northwest style Virginia Perique fusion with a bit of Turkish orientals. Just wanted everyone here to know this is...
  14. mattguss

    Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend--Dan Tobacco

    It's all personal taste in pipe smoking! Thats what makes it interesting
  15. mattguss

    Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend--Dan Tobacco

    Water down Bill Bailey's? Next thing you'll be telling me you put 10 ice cubes in 21 year old Glen Livet!! :-)