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  1. maduroman

    Which Cob Smokes the Best?

    i chuck the filters on my diplomats before the 1st smoke... i can get an hour or so per smoke depending on the 'backy in em. i have a modifies macaurther.... macarthur bowl with a nosewarmer shank, it is a great smoking pipe, especialy for flakes. i fill it up amnd smoke it while driving...
  2. maduroman

    Which Cob Smokes the Best?

    depends..... the diplomat for me has the most consistant smoke...
  3. maduroman

    Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Flake

    this one will bite the shit outa you if you smoke it to fast... it is a great slow smoke.
  4. maduroman

    Any Bear Hunters Here?

    i have been known to hunt bare...
  5. maduroman

    The True Queen of Country

    her and hank and ernest were my 1st music loves...
  6. maduroman

    Hello Everyone Brand New Women Pipe Smoker

    welcome, sweetheart, and Lane 1Q...
  7. maduroman

    My First Girly Pipe

    i have a cao that is simular to that... it's a bent though. like your picture, btw.
  8. maduroman

    New Nimrod

    thanks guys...
  9. maduroman

    New Nimrod

    lighter, yup i found one, new in box... but there is a problem, it looks like an undersized flint was forced into it and the flint wheel is jammed. does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
  10. maduroman

    Non Babe Newbie

    you are a woman after my own heart..... wish i could get the warden to enjoy a pipe with me. lane 1q is a great smoke btw, one of the few true aromatics that i like. mac barren vanilla flake is another good one. but my favorite is a va/per blend called escudo.
  11. maduroman

    Fishing Weather

    it is ALWAYS fishing weather...
  12. maduroman

    Your Favorite Pipe Smoking "Tip"

    when smoking my pipe, ignore asses who would desturb the pleasure of it.
  13. maduroman

    Too Many Pipes?

    anything over 7,000 is to many...
  14. maduroman

    Public Vs. Private Smoking

    both.... hobling around with my cane the young ones think i am smoking pot and the older ones take one look at me and step away. hell, i even smoke in the post office.
  15. maduroman

    A Question for Parents of Little Kids...

    my baby boy is a pipe smoker like the old man...