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    Currently Smoking My First Lakeland

    Some great tobaccos in the Lakeland range (Gawith and Hoggart), taste and aromas, a few are unscented too. Try a few out.
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    New Falcon Pipe

    Never use the dry rings, just wipe out the humidome after every smoke.
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    Possible Way To Save Tin Art?

    Warnings are all on the box containing the tin with Samuel Gawith tobacco's. Throw away the box and the tin art is unspoilt....brilliant idea.
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    Your Hidden Gem Tobaccos! Time to Share ‘Em.

    Gawith Hoggarth Broken Flake no. 7. Old fashioned Condoresque/St Bruno taste and aroma to match.
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    Got a Question for Anyone Who Knows

    You can get them from The Backy shop (online) in the UK, about £7 - 10.
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    New Year's Day Smoke.

    Peterson Special Cut this week.
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    Smoking in the UK vs. the US

    Rip off Britain, tax tax tax....bring as much as you dare over, save you a fortune.
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    Mac Baren 7 Seas vs Captain Black

    + 1 for the Regular too.
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    Conniston Cut Plug?

    See thirteen threads below :-)
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    A Few Thoughts on Coniston Cut Plug

    Nice smoke indeed, just slightly prefer Bosun myself but not much in it.
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    Conniston Cut Plug

    +++ no. 7 broken flake.
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    Peterson Pipes - How Satisfied Are You with Them?

    Had a Dublin 305 9mm a couple of months ago, no problems at all so far Daniel.
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    Really Hate Vulcanite Now

    I was a bit apprehensive regarding vulcanite but I have recently purchased a Peterson Dublin and the vulcanite mouthpiece has not lost it's shine one jot.
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    Flake vs Ready Rubbed.

    Think it would be a good starter pipesmoker30, nothing not to like about it and the flakes are uniform and easy to use either broken down or left whole.
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    Filter, No Filter?

    After what I've previously said....tried a couple of smokes with the adaptor last night, good smoke. Ha ha it is an hobby of contradictions :crazy: