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    Status Report: It's wonderful
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    I'm on the last bit of Gaslight produced in 2015. I've had it in the two ounce tin for about 3 weeks. I should get one last bowl but I have about 40 more tins in the cellar. I just took my last sniff of the tin and It smells like cow, sheep and horse piss combined. And I'm going to put it in...
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    March Meerschaum Madness

    Had these for about 2 years the straight pipe coloring is a little disappointing.
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    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Smoking a 5 year old tin of Ten Russians that is followed by a bowl of 5 year old Gas Light
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    Haunted Bookshop is a New Favorite - Other Recs?

    I've learned to like the flavor of HBS. But the deal for me is that it must be high in nicotine or something because it's one of the few smokes that leaves me completely satisfied after. Many other tobaccos leave me feeling like i'm still missing something and I often find myself popping a in...
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    War Horse Bar Been Changed?

    Not sure if anyone has done this yet but here are some photos of a tin I bought a year or two ago
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    Post-Smoking Mouth Care

    I don't do anything usually. I like to savor the flavor left behind for a little while. If i'm going to bed directly after a smoke I'm even a little disappointed when I brush and floss right after a smoking session because I feel like I'm missing part of the experience of a pipe smoking...
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    To Panic Buy, or Not to Panic Buy...

    I panic bought a ton of tobacco. I have so much tobacco now that its almost embarrassing. The tobacco apocalypse hasn't exactly happened yet but I am smoking a bowl of 5 year old plumb pudding today. I'm now going to have to start smoking more else I will die before I can finish it all...
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    How Do You Enjoy Your Pipe?

    I have over 100 pipes but over the past year I've only really focus on two of my best meerchaums. I smoke about 3-4 bowls a day. When I first started 8-9 years ago I followed so much hog wash about how to smoke a pipe that it became detremental to my pipe smoking. So I just gave up on learning...
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    Is Cake Important? Why?

    I hardly think about it at all. I normally just scrape the walls of the pipe to keep it smooth. so that keeps cake there but to a minimum with no regard to how much cake is there until I think it's getting too thick then I'll give it a good reaming. I've seen enough pictures of used and...
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    Smoke it

    I have 17 100g tins left over from 2016. Plan to smoke them over the next 17 years :)
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    How Many of You Lucky Dogs Get to Smoke Inside?

    I can and some times do. But with my aging canine friend I choose not to. Not worried about the wife. In fact I demand she go outside to smoke her cigarettes. That's what happens when you wear the big boy pants in the house.
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    If you haven't tried Esoterica your not missing much. I have three pounds of it umsmoked. Its about 4 years old now. I think ill just let it sit in my cellar to rot.
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    I Have Nothing Special To Say

    I have everything to say. I have 777 posts.