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  1. greeneyes

    Kevin Eats Crow - Apology to BarrelProof

    Apologizing and admitting when you're wrong: the line that separates human beings from politicians.
  2. greeneyes

    Flossing, Is It Real?

    If you don't floss, try it now and then smell the floss after you've used it, especially on your back molars. This is why I floss enthusiastically on a daily basis.
  3. greeneyes

    When Did the HOTW Tin Description Change?

    I think the original Rattray's Hal o' The Wynd was pure Virginia. In his "Disquisition for the Connoisseur," Hal o' The Wynd is under the chapter "Rattray's All-Virginian Tobaccos" with the heading: "They have been specially prepared for those who demur to Mixtures containing seasoning or...
  4. greeneyes

    Jupiter Slices

    What company did he work with to get it like he wanted?
  5. greeneyes

    Jupiter Slices

    Yes. It's existing blend/s. What it is exactly, I don't think he divulges. He likes to create the illusion of "magic" in the kitchen. Maybe it's his mundungus jar, and he lovingly presses it and sells it.
  6. greeneyes

    How Many Pipe Tobacco Blends ARE There?

    When you browse old tobacco periodicals and get an inkling of all of the blends that have been lost to time... Over the decades, pages and pages like this. Maybe an old rusty tin survived, if that. I'd say the number was several times larger than 7000.
  7. greeneyes

    Mac Baren Plumcake, Thoughts From a Novice

    I put the better part of a tin in a jar and forgot about it; after a year it bit considerably less. I don't appreciate a blend that forces you to smoke it slowly or suffer the consequences.
  8. greeneyes

    CNN Says Ancient Rainforests In Antarctica

    It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when people go poking around and discover all kinds of things that are hidden for ages under ice. A bit like an exotic animal petting zoo in Wuhan. Lots to discover.
  9. greeneyes

    Does My Stem Need a Good Clean?

    I've got six pipes soaking--the stummels in wood alcohol, and the stems (very oxidized) in warm water with a tablespoon of OxyClean. After soaking much of the oxidized exterior becomes a sludge that comes off with a few passes of a sponge (I find it also helps to loosen the crud inside the stem...
  10. greeneyes

    Could High Line Pipes Go Down Big Time

    I imagine that with the enormous number of fatalities (e.g. in Italy), and in particular in the elderly population, that a good number of estate pipes (and possibly tobacco) might enter into circulation in the Autumn.
  11. greeneyes

    Hello All! I'm New and I Need Advice

    I love morcilla.
  12. greeneyes

    If You Could Only Have 7 Pipes.. Which Ones Are They?

    I've seen some lovely examples here in the archives of this forum. And just when you think you've seen it all, a new quaint or odd-ball stamping surfaces.
  13. greeneyes

    If You Could Only Have 7 Pipes.. Which Ones Are They?

    Have you got a photo of it handy? All seven of my choices would be old Ben Wades, although I'd have a helluva time choosing which ones.
  14. greeneyes

    Shout Out to the Mods

  15. greeneyes

    Linkman's Dr. Grabow (1933-37)

    Cool! What's the silver ring mean? It is a higher-grade? It's pretty unique.