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I began smoking pipes in the mid nineties. I've been on tobaccoreviews since 2001, posting under the alias incendio. I'm a member of the Central Coast Pipe Club (Santa Barbara, CA), the Confraria dos Amigos do Cachimbo (São Paulo, BR), and the Great Northern Pipe Club (Twin Cities, MN). I'm also a member of the Society of English Pipe Collectors, an organization about which I am sworn to secrecy.

I'm interested in old British and French pipes spanning the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. I don't know anything about the modern artisan pipe makers as the craft in its modern expression doesn't interest me. I also collect and enjoy old pipe tobacco, and its literature and advertising. I'm a little selective about the pipe tobacco I smoke because, like most of us, the demands of work and family life leave me with little leisure time so I'd rather not spend it smoking tobacco I feel ambivalent about.

My domain of principal interest within the realm of pipes is Leeds-era Ben Wade pipes.