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    English Oak Tobacco Cabinet

    I use, with wife's ok, a small, three drawer, chest of drawers for my pipes. with cloth lining the bottom of the drawers, the pipes are laid on their sides, yin and yang fashion. One drawer has three pipe racks the length of the drawer that allow the pipes to be at approximately a 45 degree...
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    Dunhill Tobaccos Rebranded as Peterson

    Thank you Leonard! And thank you and y'all for seeing to our continued lifetime enjoyment! You do understand how important these are to so many of us.
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    Chance Whittamore - Great Estate Pipes on eBay

    FYI: I received a (return)call from Chance Whittamore, master pipe restorer, and eBay seller Great Estate Pipes. If y'all have been looking on his eBay page for new pipes for auction/sale, well, he had a home disaster, unfortunately. But he and his family are ok! His house flooded -...
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    Broken Pipe: Bruce Weaver

    I repeat what Georged said "Well, shit. New(er) guys: Bruce was a trail breaker and American pipe carving icon. Also a helluva nice guy. Everyone who's been around a while: We all know what we're thinking, so there's no need to write it. dammit dammit dammit " I remember Bruce being at the...
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    Shamrock 9BC Restoration

    !!! So, it's a 9BC I've been looking for all of the time!
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    Charatan Coronation -- One of the Most Perfect Straight Grain Specimens Known

    I have seen this pipe! (ok, in my dreams). Had I known that George was going to create another masterpiece in vulcanite, I would have attempted getting it. George, the MASTER !
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    Peterson History Lesson (via Mark Irwin) has the boo11k - or did - as I bought my copy the day it was listed. Gentlemen (and ladies) - this book is FABULOUS!!! 374 pages, hundreds of pics, lots of lots of history, and insights to not only Peterson, but the pipe making world from the 1800's to present day! The book...
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    Please show me your pipe bags

    see ad for bargain Dunhill pipe bag in the classifieds!
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    Dunhill 838 patent-era ODA (diamond shank squat bulldog)

    The above pipe (the 838) arrived today! George's work on this pipe is even better in person than you see in the pictures! If you viewed the videos in the pipe repair section, you'll see the fine points that he sees, but I don't see (until he pointed them out). Am filling it up now for it's...
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    Dunhill 838 patent-era ODA (diamond shank squat bulldog)

    re: Dunhill's 838 shape perfectly captures the concept "tastefully outrageous" imo. Very edgy in 2018... imagine the reaction they got in stuffy-conservative 1954! In my opinion (tho' as George knows) I am very partial to these ODA 838's (and God has been asked to bless George for his efforts)...
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    Ken Barnes Returns To Finding The Grain - Pix Heavy

    re: The one on the lower right is the billiard that I very reluctantly sold. It's a beautiful pipe! Doggone, I knew there was a compelling reason to attend the WCPS. Why didn't I listen to myself....I would have loved to have a chance at that billiard.
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    Making a Faceted Stem from Vulcanite Rod Stock (video set)

    There are few in the history of the world - I am thinking da Vinci - that can, possess the mindset and the talent (with the years of experience), desire to (and thouroughly enjoy themselves doing so), such work. George mentions Bo Nordh - I believe that George is the equal of Mr. Nordh (RIP) in...
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    Pre-Rep Peterson Deluxe shapes/stem type

    Nice find! Yes, probably an 11.When you send it to Sallynoggin, I kind of hope you request a "B" stem - and I would like to know if Peterson accommodates that request. One doesn't see many in new offerings.
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    McClelland... oh McClelland... you left us too soon!

    re suggesting Davidoff Royality: I agree - and enjoy that blend quite often. btw - it is supposedly the same recipe as the blend Cromwell that Elephant & Castle had years ago (tho' it is no longer produced by McConnell Tobacco (England) - now produced in is almost everything else...
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    Sutliff Factory Tour, Sept. 28.

    Hey, bryguysc - do be careful there in Scott's Addition. Oh, not that you'd get mugged, but those "breweries" make a lot of pineapple, rasberry, lemon-soufle, girly type beers. Some only come in cans (not on tap). One pub: Legend.