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  1. gatorlope

    Meerschaum Pipe - Damaged or Just Coloring?

    The dragon that you see pouncing on a mug of coffee in my picture is actually a rather massive meerschaum carved and signed by M. Cinir that I obtained directly from Turkey. The coloring is a stain applied by the artist (it’s never been smoked). So you can obtain a nicely colored pipe without...
  2. gatorlope


    I recently bought a collection of used pipes that included 5 “magic inch” pipes and a couple of boxes of filters. The first time I’ve ever tried them and I’m quite pleased with the results.
  3. gatorlope

    Softy-bits Alternative

    I like the Softy brand name bits, partly because they’re American made. I’ve had some of the others from China or elsewhere in Asia, but I’m dubious about their chemical composition and quality control, so I’m switching over any time I come across one of the old ones. I’d be dubious in the same...
  4. gatorlope

    A Valentine for (or From)

    And the backside- “Art publishers to Their Majesties, the King and Queen.
  5. gatorlope

    A Valentine for (or From)

    Same art, different ditty! Still a piper’s dream!
  6. gatorlope

    How Does Smoking Affect Your Sleep?

    I’ve been collecting pipes since the early ‘70s, but have only become a regular smoker in the last year. Prior to that my sleeping habits were already irregular simply due to my getting older, retiring and trashing my alarm clock. I’ve always had strange and vivid dreams to the point that I keep...
  7. gatorlope

    What Do You Re-Purpose

    It’s a fine mist spritzer that I use for absinthe when I make my ‘cakes’. Also good for whiskey or rum etc.
  8. gatorlope

    What Do You Re-Purpose

    There are at least ten things in this photo that are being reused/recycled in one way or another. I included the Clipper lighter because, unlike the Bic lighters, it is refillable and reusable.
  9. gatorlope

    A Valentine for (or From)

    You won’t find it at the card shop... it’s over a hundred years old!
  10. gatorlope

    Go To Pipe Tamper

    Recycling works! I can clip it to my shirt pocket for convenience and it will go wherever I go. puffy
  11. gatorlope

    How Do You Reconcile With Pipe Smoking's Health Risks?

    welcome to the club! I’ll be a septuagenarian myself next month! After sixty plus years of being a relative non smoker, I gave up on trying to persuade my sister to give up smoking and decided to put some serious mileage on the pipes that I have been collecting for the past fifty years! Btw...
  12. gatorlope

    What Does Your Scene Look Like?

    I have a visitor today!