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    Sad News: Foggymountain Has Passed Away

    He was a true renaissance man. He was the real deal. Thank you and please be safe and stay healthy.
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    Sad News: Foggymountain Has Passed Away

    BruceCahn A.K.A FoggyMountain
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    Sad News: Foggymountain Has Passed Away

    Here's a few from Bruce. He would have been 78. Pen on Paper. Drawn live in Central Park. Love, Mavie Cahn
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    Sad News: Foggymountain Has Passed Away

    Dear All, This is Mavie. Bruce's wife. Thank you for these beautiful words about Bruce. This smoking community was very special to him and some of you have become his friends. He left a huge collection of beautiful Dunhill pipes and a whole bunch of pipe tobacco. I am a nurse at a major NYC...
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    What Are You Watching On The Box?

    My favorite series is "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix. Almost worth watching for the vintage cars alone. Several 1920s Bentleys were featured. They mentioned that the lead character had 4 Bugattis, but didn't show any.
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    Tip About Mercedes

    Thanks for the responses. I wanted a 300SL since 1954, finally decided to get one as a second car. That is why I got the 550. But Mercedes junked it up and ruined it with a computer. The car had other faults as well. You could feel the casting seam on the driver's door handle. That is absolutely...
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    Great Movies With Pipe Smoking Scenes Being Featured

    Night and Day has a few scenes with Bing Crosby smoking Crosbys. But the real star of that film was Louis Armstrong.
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    What Do You Do For a Living?

    I have had many strange jobs and 3 businesses. The most fun and the wettest was ice carver for hotels and caterers. Now thankfully retired.
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    Beards, Who's Rocking One?

    I have had a beard since 1981, smoked a pipe from 1954 until 2018. No connection.
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    Tip About Mercedes

    A few years ago I sold many thousands of dollars in pipes, tobacco and cameras. used the money to buy a new Mercedes 550SL. It was a mistake. The car was great fun to drive, especially with the top down. But the computer which controlled almost everything was very unreliable. One month the top...
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    How long should I cellar?

    Depends on the tobacco. English type blends are best at 7 years. Virginias just a little while.
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    Finish coming off?

    Pipes usually smoke better when the stain comes off. I used to remove it with an alcoholic beverage before smoking,but when I got better pipes it wasn't necessary. Also, do not wax or seal it.