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    New Site Changeover: Going Again Friday, Sept. 6

    As a guy who drives 8-10 hours a day, I don't mind waiting at a red light. I do mind waiting at a green light for the four people in front of me each to realize it's time to put down their phones. OTOH, 16 seconds for a webpage to load is a webpage that isnt worth loading.
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    Esoterica Release Frequency?

    I'm surprised somebody isn't tracking that on a spreadsheet somewhere. ...come to think of it, somebody probably is. They just don't want you to see it ;)
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    A True Gentlemen

    Very nice set! I always liked the old time hunting aesthetic. I like my Carhartt's, and I'm guilty of owning a camo down hoodie. But there's something about the idea of trundling off to the woods in a tweed woolen shooting jacket, with a flat cap and a double-barrel break-action shotgun. Has a...
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    This is a Pipe Wrench

    Does it come in brown? I'd like to see a tanner spanner.
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    Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality

    Tom with the SLAM-DUNK! :clap:
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    After Two Years, I'm back you Frenchiesonofbitches

    There was a an old-school hole-in-the-wall hot dog joint in my hometown. I was in there with a buddy one time reading the newspaper clippings all along the wall. One of them was an obituary of a former employee. He showed up everyday in a suit and polished shoes. At the start of the shift he...
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    Good Day from the Middle East

    Welcome! I assume you're not over there for pleasure? I happen to be 40 miles from Johnson City right now in Bull's Gap. I've been jammin' to bluegrass today.
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    After Two Years, I'm back you Frenchiesonofbitches

    Welcome back, sir! Strong respect for kitchen workers, I did it for 14 years. Usually from one kitchen to another in the course of a 10-12 hour day. Only once did I ever get drunk between shifts (no car at the time)...most fun I've ever had slinging tacos!
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    Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality

    People often abandon fake news in favor of still faker news. Makes it difficult to know where to make one's stand. But when I read Lucian (on Alexander the Oracle-Monger), Thoreau (A Plea for Captain John Brown), MLK Jr. (Letter from Birmingham Jail), and others whose names are known to...
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    why va?

    She doesn't own a dress. Hair is always a mess, Catch her stealin' she won't confess. She's beautiful... (Yes, I went to a Train concert in Omaha.)
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    Sad News

    I never did try one of their hardwoods. The blog on their website hasn't been updated since 2017, nor their twitter since 2015. Instagram is current but no mention of this. Is there an article or suchlike you can link to?
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    why va?

    For myself; because it adds a rich, full flavor without deadening the sense of taste. I can remember exactly where I was sitting when I first tasted latakia. It was the most incredible bowl, summoning from the dead past of my childhood at once both the catholic altar boy swinging incense, and...
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    What Do You Think of This Skull/Dragon Meer?

    I'm having the same reaction. Strange beak/snout on the dragon, too. And then there's the scale issue...I'd like it better if it was just a dragon's talon holding a skull.
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    Back on the Road Tomorrow

    :rofl: Sorry to cause confusion. Last smoke at 'home'. I was with friends and family for two weeks after 81 days on the road. I likely won't stay out that long again! I don't have any briars in the truck, so I will be smoking cobs. (And a few last cigarettes. I won't buy another pack for a...
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    Back on the Road Tomorrow

    Last call! SWRA in a MM second.