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  1. ejames

    Wanted, Woodworkers and Custom Pipe Racks
  2. ejames

    Any vets in the forum?

    USN 1970-77.
  3. ejames

    A Rare And Beautiful Generous Gift

    That is an awesome gesture by ashdigger and the others involved ! We have a little bit in common MSO. My first ship was the USS Tutulia ARG-4 which was stationed in the Saigon River at Nha Be. I was aboard her in 1970-1. She was also sold to Taiwan. We steamed her to Taiwan in 8-71 (IIRC) and...
  4. ejames

    Happy Birthday To Me/ Old Cajun

    Happy birthday Bradley !!
  5. ejames

    New Pipe With Nice Stem

    I agree with cobbsmoker,looks to be an unstamped Royalton. There's a lot of unstamped Grabows out there.
  6. ejames

    3 Year Journey: Complete Set of Continental X-Series (Pic Heavy)

    Congrats Dave ! I'm glad to see you were finally able to put a 12 piece set together ! The Continentals were however not just available through mail order-- maybe at first when those shapes were put into production they were available only by coupon in the Westbrook,Emperor and Sculptura...
  7. ejames

    Semi technical question on a mildly rusticated pipe and white diamond

    I like a brush also but don't use a wire brush anymore. Bought several small rotary brushes,supposed to be horse hair. Great for cleaning rusticated and sandblasted pipes and even for buffing after applying Halcyon II or similar wax. They are small and it can be tricky to use them on some bent...
  8. ejames


    I agree ! I've had the pleasure to meet Dave on two occasions. I could sit and just listen to the man talk for hours. Nice score on the YB ! They made some great pipes in that era.
  9. ejames

    What wood is this pipe?

    I've had several Alpha's both Israel made and US made and all were briar.
  10. ejames

    WWII Era Dr. Grabow Re-Done - Tough One...

    nice Job !!
  11. ejames

    Grabow Linkman's Shape number List?

    Send me a PM with an email address and I will send you two PDF files of Linkman shape charts.
  12. ejames

    Dr. Grabow Wartime Pipe? Pic Heavy

    I say that because of the number of burnt Mt. Laurel pipes I have seen. Some were pretty bad,others not so bad,while others showed no signs of burn out.Mt. Laurel is not as hard or dense as briar which in my mind would make it less heat resistant. The burn out could have caused by different...
  13. ejames

    Dr. Grabow Wartime Pipe? Pic Heavy

    Yes,you are correct,it is a WW2 era Mt. Laurel pipe. Many were hand painted ( I believe) with a tinted lacquer to give the appearance of grain as MT. Laurel usually doesn't show nice grain. These are seen in several configurations,they can be push stems with either plastic or aluminum...
  14. ejames

    Comoy's The Everyman London Pipe

    Wow,six years ? Didn't realize it was that far back ! The pipe I worked on belonged to a friend. He wanted it rusticated and an "Ajustomatic" installed. I believe he still has the pipe. These pics were taken before I started working on it. His pipe had stampings on both the top and bottom of the...