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    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2018 Thread!

    I'm in... I'm gonna regret this, aren't I?
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    Found a Stash of Old Sealed Tins.

    If you do decide to sell any of them, I would gladly take the Edgeworth off your hands!
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    Ye Olde Box Pass

    Whatever happened to the box pass? Did some dire, but unforeseen tragedy befall that battered old cardboard package? Or, was it the dastardly hand of foul play that brought about the untimely end of a cherished, if a bit eccentric, institution? More to the point, is there any movement towards...
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    Motzek Strang Group Buy Update

    Any progress on this?
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    Strang Group Buy Interest Thread

    Can I boost my order to 200g (rope), or is it too late?
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    Strang Group Buy Interest Thread

    FoolwiththeFez - 100gr (rope) Peteguy - 100gr (rope) Vespertillia - 200gr (rope) Rhoadsie - 200gr (rope) orobusto - 200gr (rope) rblood - 200 gr (rope) fitzy - 200gr (rope) hiplainsdrifter - 300gr (rope) zitoczito - 100gr (rope) Calabashed - 100gr (rope) twoonefive - 500gr (rope)...
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    Strang Group Buy Interest Thread

    FoolwiththeFez - 100 grams (rope) Peteguy - 100 grams (rope) Vespertillio - 200 Grams (rope) Rhoadsie - 200 grams (rope) orobusto - 200g (rope) rblood - 200g (rope) fitzy - 200g (rope) hiplainsdrifter- 300g (rope) zitotczito 100 grams (rope) Calabashed - 100g (rope) twoonefive - 500g...
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    Strang Group Buy Interest Thread

    Nate, I just sent you a PM.
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    Good Vanilla Aromatics

    What are the best vanilla aromatics? Specifically ones without PPG. I have tried several, but have yet to find one with any flavor.
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    Now I'm REALLY confused

    So Shinypipes listed him on a sellers beware site. Do you know his ebay profile? You can check his ratings and see if it's just Shinypipes that is gunning for him, or if he is just a bad actor in general. What he said about Shinypipes is true to an extent, and they have been known to blast...
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    Pick one or two, ok enven three, but no more pls.

    G.L. Pease Triple Play Escudo Edgeworth Ready Rubbed If it was winter, I would have another set of choices. Except for the Edgeworth...
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    Warhorse Plug Resurrection

    Wonderful! Am waiting with bated breath...
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    Warhorse Plug Resurrection

    What happened to the Warhorse Plug project? I hope it's still moving forward.
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    Please Tell Us Your Collecting Focus

    I have 46, plus a grab box full of cobs. Mostly I collect by the "I like that" method, although I do keep an eye out for pre-1981 GBD's (especially Prehistorics), old 4-digit Kaywoodies, any Goedewaagen clays, and Custombilts. I have a few Comoy's, Savinelli's, and Peterson's. The rest of my...
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    What are You Reading?

    Manalive, by G.K. Chesterton.