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  1. davek

    Any Recommendations for a Struggling Ciggy Smoker?

    Quit for a while. If you quit any tobacco intake mode for 6 months and then start another, you will not crave the first choice at all. You will be hooked on the second. It's likely that even a day or two without tobacco before piping would reset your cravings to the pipe quite a bit.
  2. davek

    Live Long and Prosper, And Here's Why

    Some things are too important to be taken seriously. As I get older, I find I do not stress as much or at least as long about things. My temper especially seems to cool off more quickly. Thing is, I'm not sure if it is perspective or absent mindedness.
  3. davek

    I'm Seriously Thinking About Taking Up Religion!

    Never hear any jokes about Jonestown. Guess the punch line is too long.
  4. davek

    Pipe Tobacco While Working?

    I'm pretty plebeian and one dimensional in my tastes, but do you like Burley at all?
  5. davek

    I'm Seriously Thinking About Taking Up Religion!

    A buddy of mine told me that he used to take acid trying to see God. When he finally saw God, God told him to quit taking acid. True story, and a common one. :)
  6. davek

    How Do You Cut Yours?

    When I smoked cigars on a regular basis, I chewed them as much as I smoked them. I'd smoke one halfway down, let it go out, and chew on it for an hour or so before finishing it. At least that's how I did it at work. I had a cigar, lit or unlit, in my mouth most of the day. So, it was a no...
  7. davek

    Swisher Sweets

    Rigoletto Black Jack was another good everyday cigar. There was another good drugstore Rigoletto whose name escapes me at the moment. Marsh Wheeling was my brand, though. They were a little hard to find and I actually had one tobacco store order specifically for me. Marsh Wheeling "stogies"...
  8. davek

    Swisher Sweets

    Outlaws are good. A cross between Backwoods and Swisher Sweets. Quite nice for a cheap cigar. The cheap cigar I smoked a box of a week for years was Marsh Wheeling. Finest kind. No longer made.
  9. davek

    “Perfect” Tobacco and Drink Pairings?

    Bourbon n' Burley when I am so inclined. Water otherwise.
  10. davek

    Bright Virginia with Tongue Bite

    Virginia bite could be steam, and it could be PH. Virginia has a low PH (is acid). All of the above tips will help. Adding a more alkaline tobacco will as well. Burley has a high PH (alkaline), so does Perique. Both will change the flavor of course, Perique less so. It's surprising how little...
  11. davek

    Last Year's Backyard Virginias

    Burley takes at least a year aging if you don't kiln. Two is better. Here's some good stuff "Ammonia is created within the leaf during oxidation of the leaf's proteins. If there is no oxidation, then there is no ammonia produced. The oxidation is not caused by microbes or air, but by two...
  12. davek

    Last Year's Backyard Virginias

    Did you kiln it? If you are relying on aging instead, stoving at 200 will kill most enzymes which cause that type of aging.
  13. davek

    County in NY Seeks Smoking Ban in Private Homes

    Here in Ohio I don't know of any apartment complexes that allow smoking. A situation just occurred at a friend's complex where the smokers (rightfully) banded together to pressure the owner into some sort of roof over their smoking area and a picnic table or two.
  14. davek

    UFOs, the Pentagon, and Tin Foil Hats

    I read somewhere that there was a reason the the govt. called all the UFO's weather balloons at first. In the early days of the cold war, we were desperate for aerial intelligence on Russia. Early spy satellites were an off the shelf camera with film on a reel, picked up at sea manually, etc...
  15. davek

    Bourbon Query.

    Anyone know a good mint julep recipe using Southern Comfort? Sorry for the rabbit trail. I just got a bottle for some planned mint juleps tomorrow under the mistaken idea that a traditional mint julep was made with Southern Comfort instead of Bourbon. Southern Comfort is made from Bourbon...