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  1. chispa

    Show Off Your Radice Pipes Here!

    That dublin is the most appealing Radice I have seen. I always thought their shaping was a bit awkward, especially the blasted ones. That dublin is very elegant.
  2. chispa

    How Do You Open a New Tin of Tobacco?

    We all can agree that Peck is an accomplished tin opener but am I the only one a bit offended at the fact he is charging a fee?? It is an insult to the craft and art of tin popping !! What about the time honored tradition of apprenticing with a master. Start by emptying ashtrays, polishing...
  3. chispa

    Need Help Spending My Xmas Bonus

    Ryan Alden An example of Ryan Alden's artistry Username Lonestar around here. $200-$300 puts you in the sweet spot for quality/value from an American Carver that will make you exactly what you want. Both Alden and Crawford are ones to watch.
  4. chispa

    Need Help Spending My Xmas Bonus

    Jerry Crawford
  5. chispa

    Viprati, New VaPer by Russ O.

    "Russ Ouellette, started out with three different Virginias, selected for their sweetness, along with a healthy amount of Perique. To round it out, a special fire-cured tobacco is added to add richness and body." Anyone try this yet??
  6. chispa

    An Experiment

    Log splitter sounds much more fun than c clamps.
  7. chispa

    Make Your Own War Horse Bar!

    Somebody grt your steam punk goggles and top hat on and whip up a batch. I'd like to see pictures of this contraption.
  8. chispa

    Pipesmoking in Paris

    Stop by the Louvre and see my avatar.
  9. chispa

    Other Type of Delayed Gratification: White Knight

    Try Magnum Opus. From the same blender. Similar but has perique.
  10. chispa

    Alden Brindle Blast Brandy

    Hang in there hiplainsdrifter. Dealing with a custom item and not an off the shelf product can take some time. I think it will be worth the wait.
  11. chispa

    Alden Brindle Blast Brandy

  12. chispa

    Alden Brindle Blast Brandy

    Lonestar continues to shine. Fresh from his selection as one of the winners of the KC pipe carving contest, like a runaway 18 wheeler with no brakes, he's carving his way to the top of the pipe world with this petite, pinched shank, brindle blasted, brandy. 5.40" length 1.65"...
  13. chispa

    French Pipes.

    1945 MARCEL BICH & EDOUARD BUFFARD Marcel Bich (1914-1994) and his partner Edouard Buffard (1908-1996) manufacture fountain pen and mechanical pencil parts in Clichy (France) 1973 BIC lighter introduced. Yes, BIC is French. So light that algerian briar with a BIC.
  14. chispa

    Expand my English/Balkan horizons... Good info here.
  15. chispa

    KC Show PAD Show and Tell

    You did good picking up the Alden. Great blast and the stem colors go with the stain and shank color perfectly. The Crawford is also very nice. Of all the pipes you could have chosen you found a couple of excellent pipes by real artisans. Jerry also has been a GKCPC winner.