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  1. chagovatoloco

    Summer Time in the Frozen Tundra

    Growing up in the sf bay area I had no idea what winter was, not until I went to basic training at Fort Knox Kentucky.
  2. chagovatoloco

    When Was the Briar Pipe Invented?

    Really, not that I doubt you but I would like to know more please explain......
  3. chagovatoloco

    Have You Ever Been Laughed At For Smoking A Pipe?

    Many of the youth are rejecting modern materialism and searching for something new, they may not realize this but it is what is they are doing. We call them hipsters and some are for the fad, but I like the idea of looking for something that is not and industry.....or advertised. The pipe is a...
  4. chagovatoloco

    Replaced My Lost Peterson Churchwarden

    That's what pipe smoking is about.
  5. chagovatoloco

    A Wee Nip

    Thanks, I was thinking it was something politically in correct.
  6. chagovatoloco

    Are Pipe Smokers Hat People?

    I ware a large sun hat when fly fishing, not to look cool but because it keep me from getting sun sic.
  7. chagovatoloco

    I Just Can't Make Up My Mind!

    I just look at my tobacco cabinet and pick whichever sounds good.
  8. chagovatoloco

    Dunhill Nightcap

    I used one of my smaller pipes and tried to smoke slow. I must admit I was stripping some paint on a project of mine while I was doing it. I got so in to what I was doing I didn't notice the effect until I went in and laid down. After that I was out and slept like a baby.
  9. chagovatoloco

    What Are You Smoking? August 2013

    Dunhill Nightcap in my system pipe.
  10. chagovatoloco

    Dunhill Nightcap

    So I go some in yesterday and waited until late in to the night to try it. When I opened it I noticed a strange smell ( I am used to aromaics). It was the same smell I noticed in frog Mortin. So I understand this to be latakia, what a different smell! Not what I expected but now I know. I did...
  11. chagovatoloco

    Cleaning A Zippo Pipe Insert

    I use a Zippo lighter exclusively, do you mean the way it blackens? It have never bothered me.