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    What Are You Listening to (March 2020)

    Been on a Mojo Nixon and Dick Twang Band kick recently
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    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    Not replelent to me, but I have a blend I like to call Night Brother. It's a 4:1 of night cap and 5 brothers. Sometimes I need a little extra vitamin N when we've had a few drinks at the deer lease. My friends like the smell, but they find regular nightcap strong so.......:)
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    How to Date: HU Tins

    Good stuff there 👍
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    Your Hidden Gem Tobaccos! Time to Share ‘Em.

    Black & Mild, Capn' Black Cherry, dried out Red Man in a pinch🤫
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    Do You Have that One Special Pipe?

    Mine is my first "real" pipe. A peterson I bought in Galway 20ish years ago. I'd lost it some years back and found it 3 weeks ago! It's amazing what turns up when you move! Found a benchmade I'd been missing as well.
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    Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movies

    Die Hard
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    Who Else Still Burns Coal?

    I would if I could find any. Our deer lease in Gatesville Texas has an iron stove that would be perfect. Instead someone has to wake up every few hours to toss a log on or we wake up freezing lol
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    What Are You Listening To ~ Nov. 2019

    Cody Jinks here, my 3.5 year old son is dancing to him like a mad man lol.
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    Hello from Finland

    Welcome from Texas! Where in Finland are you? I’m usually in Nurmijarvi a few weeks each summer👍
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    Peterson Nightcap

    Don’t sweat it, I think it’s only known to be addictive and birth defect causing if used in the state of California 😉
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    Syrian Latakia

    That and a big freakin fire at the pease warehouse a few years back.
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    Long Term Cigar Storage

    I have an aristocrat cabinet humidor and a bunch of igloo coolers. If I could do it all over again, I’d just buy the coolers and a few boveda packs. The coolers create an extremely stable environment paired with the boveda packs. I’m talking over a span of Years. The aristocrat is nice too, but...
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    HU Tobacco Tins

    I ordered a few HU tins from Estreval's and was wondering if any one knows if they are vacuum sealed? They kind of look like small paint cans. I'm trying to decide if I can let them be or if I need to jar them up. Thank you, Billy
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    New Guy from Houston

    Welcome from my the Hobby area!
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    Esoterica Pembroke

    I'm a big fan as well, but I need to dry it out for quite a while to suite my personal taste.