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  1. Berg

    What's the worst blend you've tried?

    Peterson - Sweet Killarney; basically hot air. Haven’t had a blend that made me wretch (yet), but SK felt like a waste of my time.
  2. Berg

    What is the Best Tip or Advice You've Ever Gotten About Smoking a Pipe?

    Frank method for packing a pipe and dry your baccy well before sparking up.
  3. Berg

    C&D Haunted Bookshop

    Wasn’t a fan either, but from the C&D range that’s par for the course for me. I’m sure plenty of people like their stuff, but in my humble opinion I’d rather a manufacturer that produces a few great blends over a manufacturer that produces 100s of mediocre ones.
  4. Berg

    Pipe Rack / Box

    Hey all, Thought I'd share this one as it might inspire some similar concepts. Bit of a back story - I found an old record player in an op-shop a few months back. My intent at the time was to strip it out and replace everything with new componentry but keep the 'old school' look. The original...
  5. Berg

    Summer Suggestions

    It’s winter here in Aus, I’ve got some Sherlock Holmes I tried a few weeks back. Didn’t seem “cool weather” appropriate, it’s mild and has a citrus taste. I actually think it’ll be great in summer…. Tell you in 6 months ;)
  6. Berg

    Pipe Tobacco

    As a newbie; don’t go for Aros, even the “strong” aros you’ll struggle to taste (in my humble experience). I’d recommend getting some Early Morning Pipe or another mild English like Presbyterian. They’ve got recognisable, quality tobaccos, are smooth and won’t have you gagging with an overtly...
  7. Berg

    Presbyterian Mixture Review

    Only a newbie, but out of a dozen blends tried so far, Presbyterian is fighting for first place, alongside EMP (currently). Nice review.
  8. Berg

    Water Rinse Cleaning

    Thanks Craig, that was the exact type of feedback I was looking for 👍
  9. Berg

    Water Rinse Cleaning

    Hey all, I know the prospect of rinsing out your briar with some hot water is a bit divisive, but please bare with me. This afternoon I decided to do a hot water rinse on a relatively new pipe (about 5 bowls new) and seeing what this cleaning method was all about. I thought I cleaned my pipes...
  10. Berg

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2021?***

    Afternoon in the shed with a new Peterson Irish Made Army Bulldog. Seemed only fitting to be smoking some Peterson tobacco, so running some EMP. Very comfy despite the cool weather.
  11. Berg

    Lessons Learned & Thanks!

    Thanks mate, it’s on the list, just haven’t seen one that I really like yet.
  12. Berg

    Lessons Learned & Thanks!

    I’d just like to give a big thanks to the collective assistance for a newbie like me from this forum. Only been piping for a few months but the following is some solid advice I’ve seen or received (in no particular order): Frank method for packing a pipe - total game changer for the...
  13. Berg

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    Great minds think alike. I’m smoking Presbyterian in a Peterson Irish Army bulldog. Guess it’s not the IRA :ROFLMAO:
  14. Berg

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2021?***

    Early Morning Pipe (in the afternoon) in my Savinelli 106. Collies don’t seem to mind the “room note” ;) First time with EMP and I’ve gotta say, I think this is my “aha” moment in piping. I had fired up some Presbyterian a few days ago and I’m obviously not ready for the latakia at that level...
  15. Berg

    Ikea Jars

    Actually bought some today (plus some spare seals) to see how they go. Good to hear they work alright, especially being cheap as they are.