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  1. alexl

    What Is Meerschaum ?? And Do You Have One?

    I have 3 Peterson Meers that smoke OK. It costs high dollar (pound) but worth it. In my humble opinion, all Turkish-made pipes are rubbish. Still, even these pipes do not get enough love from me. Quality briar pipe is much better.
  2. alexl

    Pipe Sale Price

    Thank all for useful tips. Rothnh, no disrespect for other channels here. I'm more or less familiar with eBay while even do not know about existence of BriarBid.
  3. alexl

    Pipe Sale Price

    I want to sell some of my Savinelli pipes on EBay. What price should I ask relatively to the price of a new? Let's assume I've bought it for $100, what can I hope to get after a year?
  4. alexl


    Computers consultant.
  5. alexl

    I Must Quit Smoking

    Good luck.
  6. alexl

    Frog Morton on the Town

    One more "English mixture". I do not like nuts aluminium can but that's the way it is. Smokes light and easy. What distinguish it is that strange "Basma" taste. You can like it or not (I'm indifferent). The main problem of this mixture is the total absence of nicotine. I'll add "Ten Russians" to...
  7. alexl

    What Are You Smoking? May 2013

    Ten Russians in Moretti morta.
  8. alexl

    Great Quotes

    "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities." Winston Churchill 8)
  9. alexl

    Dunhill Flake Holy Cow and Some Help!

    Cellar a good quantity of Dunhill Flake tins and open it after a year or more. If you like it fresh you'll be blown away then. And try Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls - the best Va/Per money can buy.
  10. alexl

    Hermit "Captain Earle's Ten Russians"

    Best stuff for Latakia maniacs. I wanted to try it because I speak Russian and love Latakia. It looks like a black brick which slivers easily. I’ve tried it in small filtered Savinelli. Very sweet and rich taste, mostly Latakia but some Orientals and Virginia inside. Is it strong? You bet it...
  11. alexl

    What Are You Smoking? May 2013

    Escudo in Peterson Meerschaum.
  12. alexl

    Your Cellar

    organizedmadman You are ready for zombie apocalypse :)
  13. alexl

    Dunhill Einstein Pipe

    As far as I know he smoked Petersons.
  14. alexl

    Anything Similar to Dunhill 965 in Tins?

    Try Presyterian Mixture, IMHO the best Oriental. And if to add to it a bit of Robert McConnell's Pure Latakia it will shine even more.
  15. alexl

    "For the Experienced Pipe Smoker"

    It means "Run for your life".