Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 583

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 583

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 583. Our featured interview tonight is with Tanner Halligan. Tanner is from Columbus Ohio, and makes the Butterbone Briars line of pipes. He first tried pipe smoking in high school with some friends, and enjoyed it on and off. About a year ago he began making pipes part-time, but was struggling until he decided to buy some pipe making kits by RawKrafted. The kits are made at Smoker’s Haven in Columbus. Tanner went into the shop and was immediately hired by shop owner and pipe maker Premal Chheda. With Premal’s mentoring, Tanner’s pipe making skills took a big leap forward. At the top of the show, we’ll have a Pipe Smoking 101 segment on flake tobaccos.

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Tanner Halligan
Tanner Halligan

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1 Response

  • Very concise review of flake tobacco, no hype, no mystery, “just the facts, Man.”
    Tanner’s short, funny, lucky path to pipe making was fascinating in its utter serendipity. It also highlights the incredible generosity of Premal in mentoring young pipe makers. I look forward to Tanner having a very successful career in his new craft.
    Zachary’s suggestion of “Front Porch Philosophy” by Jerry Salley was an absolute toe-tapping joy, with clever lyrics. Thanks, Zach.
    Great points in your rant chastising our politicians for their misplaced focus on the “evils of tobacco” and not doing more in controlling the evil of the drug trade.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.