Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 422

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 422! On tonight’s show our featured guest is Jeremy McKenna. Jeremy is the President of Sutliff Tobacco Company in Richmond, Virginia. Sutliff is one of the oldest American pipe tobacco makers, and Jeremy will give us a rundown on their current situation with the FDA. The FDA won a years long battle back in 2009 to take control of regulating tobacco. They are now getting around to our tiny niche market of pipe tobacco, and unfortunately, treating it like the giants of “Big Tobacco”. One of the big issues is that bringing new products to market requires cost-prohibitive tests, paperwork, and approvals, which makes it impossible to do so in a manner where it will actually make a profit for years to come, if at all. You can avoid this, by filing paperwork, (also expensive and time-consuming) stating that a “new” product (pipe tobacco blend) is a “substantial equivalent” of an older grand-fathered one. That would be a product that was on the market prior to 2007. In our opening, “Pipe Parts” segment, Brian will give you a primer on nicotine 101.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Jeremy McKenna
Jeremy McKenna

Sutliff Tobacco Co. Website

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Jeremy McKenna Interview & FDA Update

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2 Responses

  • Jeremy’s report and insights were very informative and clear, even though the sound quality wasn’t. It’s important to understand the FDA’s impact from someone who actually has to deal directly with the problem.
    I’m a fan of the DLR era of Van Halen. However, [I]May Eddie’s memory be eternal.[/I]
    That was the absolute [U][B]best[/B][/U] rant ever.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • As always a very entertaining show. The pipe parts segment was interesting but not of great concern to me as I have no problem with nicotine. The interview was good but not much good news in what he said. I really expect us to get shutdown before too long. I hope Sikes and the boys have some big gun lawyers behind them because they will need them. Good rant. I too prefer proper use of English. My peeve is the way people use the word unique as if it’s just another adjective when it means “the one and only” of something. We may as well admit we’ve lost that war and move on to the next battle. On the good front I cast my 2020 ballot yesterday. The fun part was voiding my wife’s vote except for one key personage that we both can agree on.

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