The Lady Smokes a Pipe

by Chelsea Morning
I can’t tear my eyes away from the flame. I’ve never seen it more gentle or graceful than when it places hot kisses on the tobacco. I close my eyes and relax into the embrace of vanilla custard as smoke fills the room.
Pack, tamp and the less enjoyed tongue-bite are words that have now become part of my vocabulary. Cake: a birthday staple or the layer of carbon that protects the inside of the bowl? It no longer matters. I’m hooked. You may be wondering how I got into pipe smoking in the first place. I’m a 25-year-old female from the Midwest, not the first image that comes to mind when you think of a pipe smoker. That’s ok. I forgive you.

I was once in your shoes. I believed that pipes were for worldly old men who put on their smoking jackets and retired to the ‘library’ to speak of man things. That reminds me, I need to get a smoking jacket.
The truth is, smoking a pipe is for anyone who enjoys it. Some may give it a try as the next trendy thing and move on while others may find themselves right at home. I fall in the latter category. In my home on any given weekend you can find me and my friends unwinding with a variety of different pipes and tobacco blends. It doesn’t matter if people think I’m a trend seeker or that I have no business smoking a pipe. What matters is how it makes me feel.
People will judge you. It’s in their nature. They’ll put you in a box, label it, and tell you how you’re supposed to act. There’s nothing more satisfying than surprising those people.
I experienced this recently when I decided I needed a Meerschaum pipe (who doesn’t).

"The flame places hot kisses on the tobacco"

My friends and I went to the local pipe shop where the younger workers typically let us have run of the place, ignoring the ‘Employees Only’ signs across the many shelves of invitingly flavored tobacco. On this particular day, however, the older proprietor was behind the counter. He didn’t like us ‘young kids’ coming in and looking at things with our hands. As soon as I realized my faux pas I respectfully kept my distance and allowed him to assist me. I could tell he wanted us to get out of there so he could go back to his real customers. I asked to see the Meerschaum pipe I had been eyeing, and the minute he took it out and placed it in my hands my excitement took over. I forgot that the person standing before me had only moments before been yelling at us. We started to talk shop and as I looked up I saw his face transform into a younger, kinder man as he told me he wouldn’t have pegged me for a pipe smoker, words I have since heard frequently.
In a world of instant gratification it’s nice to put some time and effort into something. You don’t just throw tobacco into a pipe and go to town. It takes patience. It takes care. It’s also a great excuse to bring people together and share ideas and techniques.
Ladies and gentlemen, what’s more exciting than this? Forget your worries, pick up your pipe, and enjoy all the world has to offer.

In addition to being a pipe smoker, and writer, Chelsea is also a professional model. You can see her photo shoots in the Pipe Babes section. When she is not burning up the camera lens and tobacco, she also works as a paralegal for a Midwestern law firm.
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13 Responses

  • Welcome to the fraternity… sister.
    It is a worthy hobby you have embarked upon.
    I look forward to your future posts.

  • Great post Chelsea!
    It is great that you are here to show that people who don’t fit the normal stereotype actually do smoke pipes.

  • Welcome to the pipe smoking fraternity Chelsea.
    You do the group honor and add “spark”.
    I have been away on a long sea voyage and am glad to be back in DC.
    Hello also to Bob and Kevin. I will be back in the shop working on pipes and pipe stuff soon.
    More from me later.
    Later, Tom

  • I can definitely relate to the “older gentleman” moniker. I have smoked fine hand made cigars for a few years now and have only recently taking up pipe smoking. I’m proud to say that I have just purchased my 2nd and 3rd pipes. I commend you for stating so eloquently the way it makes you feel…and agree totally with your assessment.Thanks…Patrick

  • U go Girl. I have enjoyed Fine Cigars with women at the local smoke lounge in my area and love their company. They are well knowledged on what they enjoy smoking. Yet to have such an experience with them smoking pipes but most asured expect to encounter them soon to have the pleasure of such. There is nothing like a woman to share any experience to round it out for me. My daughter just phoned to inform me that she has picked up some tobacco for my pipe at the local pipeshop in Memphis as she is on her way to visit me for holiday. Lets keep the Girls envolved.

  • It is very refreshing to hear a story such as yours, it helps to take the old man stigma out of pipe smoking. If pipe smoking is going to survive in this modern age, it has to adapt and not exclude a person because of their age or sex. I am a 24 year old pipe smoker, although I am male and do not have to deal with the gender barrier, I still feel the age gap in pipe groups. So keep smoking your pipes and smoke proudly.

  • I love that this activity causes such a positive reaction. When dealing with difficult people I sometimes want to give them a pipe and tell them to take a break. It’s hard to be angry when you’re smoking. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate it when I light my pipe. Some just enjoy the smell. I remember lighting my pipe for the first time in public. I was at a bar watching a band play and I started smoking Chocolate Cake tobacco (when you could do such things in public places). Almost every head turned. Soon I was surrounded by people asking what that smell was.

  • Wow another beautiful lady added to the pipe babes photo section. Whats even better is not only pictures of a beautiful women smoking a pipe. But a beautiful women who “really” smokes a pipe. Therefore I’m going to make a motion that you be our official “lady of the brier” (meerschaum) Representive.
    All those in favor?

  • As an avid smoker and collector of Meerschaum pipes, I welcome you and hope to hear more from your experiences with your new meerschaum pipe.

  • I love what you said about it taking time to prepare a pipe. I like the enjoyable rituals whether it be mixing a drink, preparing food, or getting my pipe lit. I have two tiny pipes that fit my little hands and I love them!

  • The beautiful lady now smokes a Churchwarden! I’m going to start a fan club and I hope you give some thought to making a calander.