Savinelli Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco Review

This smells like cake. No, not roll-cake tobacco. Rather sweet delicious, moist cake that is made from flour, butter, sugar, eggs and milk. Yeah, it smells pretty damn good. The other good news is that this tobacco is not the burn-your-tongue off stuff you find in drug stores, although it is obviously an aromatic.

Worth noting is in my last review of an aromatic, Peterson Gold Blend, I did not enjoy the tobacco blend. The point is that I do not just automatically praise every aromatic, but I have run across people that have a blanket opposition to any aromatic pipe tobaccos.

Not so with me. I like English blends and I like aromatic blends as long as the taste is good and it doesn’t fry my tongue to cinders.

This tobacco is a blend of Cavendish and Black Cavendish. According to the label on the tin, it is "Rich and smooth with a high portion of Black Cavendish, fine cut fruity Virginia and nutty Burley combined and refined with great Vanilla & Chocolate flavors."

That’s why it smells like cake! So how does it smoke?

Savinelli Black Cavendish burns well and doesn’t bite. This fine blend of tobaccos has a mellow taste of honey and caramel and the result is an aromatic that will satisfy most people.

One or two people I know have complained that this tobacco is just too sweet but that certainly hasn’t been my experience at all.

One problem I did notice with this tobacco was the way it stays behind after it’s gone. After a few bowls of this blend you’ll notice it still there in the bowl when you change to something else and really the only way to overcome the problem is to dedicate one particular pipe to this blend only.

It just won’t go away once you’ve used it in a pipe so rather than fight with it it’s better to surrender and give it its own space. And what better excuse could you have to buy a new pipe … that is if you need any excuse to buy a new pipe.

I decided to dedicate my Savinelli Milano Handmade Smooth Bent Dublin.

The aroma in the room as you smoke this blend is also very pleasant … just as you would expect from a fine aromatic.

This is definitely a blend I would recommend.

Inside the tin it smells like chocolate and vanilla cake

Brand: Savinelli
Blender: Savinelli
Tin Description: Rich and smooth with a high portion of Black Cavendish, fine cut fruity Virginia and nutty Burley combined and refined with great Vanilla & Chocolate flavors.
Country of Origin: IT
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Virginia, Burley
Cut: Ribbon
Strength: Mild to Medium
Flavoring: Medium
Taste: Medium
Room Note: Pleasant
Recommendation: Recommended


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5 Responses

  • It is interesting to say vanilla and chocolate flavors when chocolate is made using vanilla as an ingredient. I get the idea. This is just food for though. 🙂

  • Great Review. It made me try Mister G and I like it a lot. I noticed your great looking Savinelli Dublin pipe, and I would like to ask what model it is? As I am looking for exactly a pipe like that.

  • Thank you pipmannen.
    The pipe is a Savinelli Milano Handmade Smooth Bent Dublin. The only markings are Hand made, Italy on the shank and 6M on the stem.