Mac Baren Club Blend Pipe Tobacco Review

Mac Baren Club Blend Pipe TobaccoIf you’re feeling nostalgic or old-fashioned, then pull out a tin of Mac Baren Club Blend. This tobacco was introduced in 1955, and it can bring you right back there with it’s traditional aroma, taste, and it’s roll-cake style and presentation. The tobacco is spun to create rolls which are then cut into thin slices. The slices are called "coins". Some say they are ugly, but I think the coins are very attractive looking.  The tin aroma has just a little bit of sweetness to it, and reminds me of raisins. Club Blend has a mild-medium aroma and flavor that I enjoy very much. There are some people who claim that Baren’s blends all tend to smell the same and the aroma from the tin of this one seemed similar to several of their other varieties that I have smoked but once it was alight this tobacco had a very distinctive aroma unlike any other. The taste did remind me a little bit of another one of my favorite Mac blends, the Mac Baren Navy Flake. If you like that one, you will probably like Mac Baren Club Blend.

The aroma of this tobacco when it is alight is anything but unpleasant and others in the room find it quite acceptable so don’t be afraid to smoke it when others are around. The first few times I smoked this, I rubbed it out completely as I was afraid to put the caked tobacco in the pipe fearing it would be hard to light or keep lit. Then I learned to stack pack the coins and then rub out one or two on top. I get about 45 minutes of constant smoking, usually without any relights required. This blend doesn’t need a lot of puffing to keep on burning … in fact it’s probably one that you should smoke quite slowly. If you do get a little over zealous when it comes to puffing you may find that you don’t get the full flavor from the tobacco.

This is a straight-forward Virginia / Cavendish blend. The tobacco taste comes through very well. On the first light you can smell and taste the sweetness of the Virginia coming out of the pipe. Then, the Cavendish comes out and gives this blend a perfect note. I definitely enjoyed the mildly-sweet taste and the taste did increase as the tobacco burnt down in the bowl. While I tend to smoke a pipe of this blend as the mood takes me, and regardless of the time of day, it’s definitely one that you may enjoy after dinner with a good Scotch.

The coins are very attractive looking. Actual size of the "coins" is
between the size of a penny and nickel.
(Click the picture for a close-up detailed view)

Brand: Mac Baren
Tin Description: A unique tobacco with a recipe back from 1955. Whole Virginia leaves that are specially selected are used as wrapper for all our spun tobaccos. The original Mac baren Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos are used as inlay in Club Blend. Like all our spun tobaccos, only little top flavor has been added. These tobaccos are the closest you get to the natural tobacco taste. Club Blend is the mildest of our spun tobaccos.
Country of Origin: DK
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Cavendish, Virginia
Cut: Curly Cut
Packaging: 100g / 3.5 oz Tin
Blend Notes: Introduced in 1955
Strength: Mild to Medium
Flavoring: Very Mild
Taste: Mild to Medium
Room Note: Pleasant
Recommendation: Recommended

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  • Wow! picked up a tin of this today and it is exceptional. Its actually the first time I’ve smoked a blend and had such a positive experience with the FIRST bowl. The tin I got had July 2009 on it. Not trying to hijack Kevin’s review, just wanted to let you guys know I really enjoyed it. I am becoming very partial to MacBaren.