Sutliff Tobacco Unveils New Product Lineup For 2014

Via Press Release – In keeping with the longstanding tradition of introducing innovative new products, Sutliff Tobacco Company is proud to offer to the consumer fourteen new and exciting blends from Virginia Perique to Full Aromatics. The lineup, which will be introduced at the 2014 IPCPR show in Las Vegas, is diverse, offering the pipe smoker a plethora of choices. Whatever the smoker may desire, this array of new blends has something to offer to practically everyone. Fruity Aromatics, Confectionary Aromatics, Rich Burleys, Va/Pers, Superb English Blends, and Whisky Flavored Aromatics all vie for the connoisseur’s immediate attention.

As a guideline for the consumer, we offer the following recommendations and descriptions:

Fruity Aromatics
April Dawn

An aromatic blend of Sweet Cherries applied to a base of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Taste of Autumn
Rich Spicy Flavors of Autumn top this blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Loire Valley
A fruity aromatic blend of Juicy Raspberries and Succulent Mangoes flavor a base of Black Cavendish.

Confectionary Aromatics
Taste of Spring

A Sweet and Fragrant aromatic on a base of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Mountain Pass
Black Cavendish with a delightful Custardy Top Note.

Honey and Chocolate
Chocolate and Honey sweeten this mixture of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish.

Arch Duke Ferdinand
An intricate aromatic mixture of Seven Distinct Vanilla sub-blends.

Rich Burley

A Non-Aromatic mixture of Kentucky Plug Cut Burley.

Sutliff 1849

A delightful mixture of Rich Virginias and Spicy Perique tobaccos.
(See our review here.)

English Blends

A complex blend of Latakia, Oriental, Virginia and Burley Cube for the true connoisseur.

Court of St. James
Spicy Perique with Tangy Virginia Flake.

Lord of the Manor
A complex English mixture of Latakia, Burley, Virginia, Perique and Oriental tobaccos.

Old San Francisco
A complex mixture comprised of Virginia, Perique, Dark Fired Burley and Latakia.

Whiskey Flavored Aromatics
County Cork

Imported Irish Cream applied to a base of Virginia and Burley Tobaccos.

Established in 1849, Sutliff Tobacco Company is one of the oldest pipe tobacco companies in the world. As a manufacturer of hundreds of brands of pipe tobacco, Sutliff offers blends and mixtures from strong aromatics to rich English blends. To learn more, visit

Online Brochures in PDF format –
New Sutliff Blends for 2014
Sutliff 1849 Tobacco

3 Responses

  • I have tried about half of the new blends and have been very satisfied. I would say so far the winner has been the Court of St. James blend.

  • Why are all these online tobacconist stores for residents of USA only. Show me one that ships to Australia please