Exclusive: New G. L. Pease Full-Bodied Latakia Blend to be Released in end-July

G. L. Pease Lagonda

Latakia-lovers get ready!

Update July 15: G. L. Pease Lagonda Tobacco Review – Click Here!

We just received exclusive word that "Lagonda" will be the latest G. L. Pease blend in the Old London Series slated for shipping in mid-July.

Based on what Mr. Pease writes on his site,, Lagonda will be the heaviest of the Latakia blends so far in the Old London Series. It is of course, Cyprian Latakia, along with a spicy oriental ingredient. The blend is smoky and spicy, not sweet, with a big mouth feel. This is definitely a full-bodied blend, but it is not over-powering. In addition to the Latakia and Oriental tobaccos, Lagonda also contains Virginia tobaccos. All of these tobaccos are low in nicotine and high in taste and flavor.

The tin art describes the blend as follows; Lagonda – a luxurious blend comprising portions of Cyprus latakia, ripe red virginias and fine oriental leaf, with some bright added for a little gentle sweetness. Pressing and aging in cakes integrates the flavours and partially ferments the tobaccos. The cakes are then sliced and tumbled into ribbons, ready for your enjoyment.

G. L. Pease Lagonda Tin Art

Pease states; "If you’ve been a fan of mixtures like Westminster, Abingndon, or Charing Cross, you’ll also find something really enjoyable here. If you’re used to sweeter mixtures, like Maltese Falcon, you should still give Lagonda a go."

G. L. Pease Lagonda

9 Responses

  • I find it odd that the release of a heavy latakia blend would be timed for the hottest, muggiest time of the year.

  • As a man who smokes heavy latakia blends all year round, I find the release to be timed quite logically!

  • Greg, I’m looking forward to this one. Been cruising along with Abingdon, but like the sound of this one for sure. The cut has me excited also. A broken flake works well for me.

  • I can honestly say I’ve never had a GL Pease blend that I didn’t like. But then again, I avoid Latakia blends like the plague. 🙂
    So thanks for the heads-up in “A LONG AD” that garners “A GLAD NO” from me.
    I’ll just spend my dough on more Haddo’s. 🙂

  • A couple things. First, yes, it does, perhaps, seem a little odd to release a heavy latakia blend in the midst of summer’s heat, but, I’ve heard from a lot of guys, since my article,, that they enjoy their latakia blends all year round, and that I must be a little crazy not to, so why not? And, since a lot of people are in the habit of buying tins, and putting them aside for a few months before trying them, the timing, for those of us who like more latakia in the fall and winter, couldn’t be better.
    In actuality, I’ve actually been enjoying the prototypes quite a lot, even through the miserably hot days we’ve been having. I know I’ll enjoy it even more when there’s a bit of chill in the air, but the 2oz tin I opened last Thursday is almost gone, and I’m fairly certain no one else has been sneaking into the lab for a fill.
    And, Jim, it’s not really a broken flake. It’s tumbled to coarse ribbons, like Chelsea Morning and Meridian. I like this form a lot, as it really seems to bring out some wonderful character in the mixture.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Greg. I think I was going by what the photo seemed to indicate. I’ll be giving it a go.

  • Low in nicotine, high in taste and flavor-my kind of blend! Great name and tin art. Looking forward to trying it.

  • As a fan of all the GL Pease blends I have tried, Lagonda goes to the top of my “must try list”.

  • I’ve been smoking Latakia blends and non-Latakia blends for 48 years in regular rotation. I have not allowed temperature and hunidity to determine what I smoke. However, a very hot and humid day outside does not bring me great satifaction of any pipe tobacco. So, I simply seek air-conditioning or shade and smoke whatever I want and that includes heavy Latakia blends year around.