New Pipe Smoking Babe Tanya

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We have a new Pipe Smoking Babe this week. Check out raven-haired Tanya in her little black dress as she smokes her pipe in the private room of the dowtown club.


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4 Responses

  • Puff on, Tanya! It’s good to see ladies with pipes…thank you! Power to the pipes!

  • Tanya if your not really a pipe smoker you should start you make it look sophiscated and sexy.

    • I know! Isn’t she a sophisticated lady!
      We have more coming from her, so stay tuned.

  • I just looked over these amazing pictures of Tanya and wow… gorgeous. I had to leave a comment. She is now my desktop backround, lol. (hope thats not too creepy tanya! 😉 ) My wife wasn’t too happy at first, but thats o.k., she’ll get used to you. thx for the pix, we all appreciate them!

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