New G. L. Pease Blend to Be Released at Chicago Pipe Show

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Update May 9th: We received an advance sample of Triple Play, and you can now read the review here. Exclusive: New G. L. Pease "Triple Play" blend to be announced and available for sale at the Chicago Pipe Show.

The name Triple Play nicely coincides with its Springtime release and the All-American pastime of Baseball Season. Triple Play also refers to how the three different types of tobaccos in the blend work together as a team to create a unique triple-flavor-play. Like Pease’s most recent release, JackKnife Plug, Triple Play will also be in plug form, which is a brick-solid, brownie-size and shaped chunk of tobacco made up of Virginia, Perique and Dark Fired Kentucky. Pease tells; "Triple Play has much less dark fired Kentucky than JackKnife Plug. I put just enough to add some dimension."

JackKnife Plug has been a runaway success. Pipe smokers seem to enjoy the unique plug form, so we imagine the new plug form Triple Play will be quite popular as well. Stay tuned for a review as soon as Triple Play is available.

Attendees of the Chicago Pipe Show will be the first to have a chance to try free samples and purchase it at the Cornell & Diehl booth, which is usually in the front position of the far left aisle.

Update April 20, 2011: G. L. Pease just updated his site with more information and the tin label art on

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