Briar Portrait Gallery Celebrating Pipes and Pipe Makers World Wide Now Live

Kansas City, KS – The Briar Portrait Gallery (BPG) announced the launch of its new website The BPG showcases photographs and artwork featuring pipes from around the world. Founder Dustin Babitzke is excited for the launch and hopes it will help smokers and non-smokers alike to appreciate the hobby. “Our goal at the Briar Portrait Gallery is to help people to appreciate the hours of labor and training that pipe makers go through to hone their skills in this craft. A pipe is not simply a smoking accessory; each pipe is a work of art in and of itself. We want to bring that artistry out and show it to the world. We also want to help pipe artisans new and old to market their artwork and get their name out in the community.”

The site will feature several galleries of pipe centered artwork and photography, a directory of pipe makers, a shop where visitors can purchase some of the art in print and other forms, and a blog featuring articles on various topics. For more information please visit our website.

About Briar Portrait Gallery

The Briar Portrait Gallery was founded by Dustin “Big D” Babitzke in 2012 to help promote the beauty and artistic expression that has emerged from the modern pipe making movement. The Briar Portrait Gallery has been working with pipe makers and pipe clubs from around the world to showcase the talent and skill of today’s top Artisans. The company’s main goal is to show the world that our hobby is not just about a “quick nicotine hit” but about a fine appreciation of the nuances of materials, craftsmanship, and true woodworking mastery that goes into the creation of a pipe.

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  • Dustin has created something that is just beyond cool. Hopefully members of this site will go over to his site and check it out.
    For those that aren’t aware Dustin probably has the premier blowfish collections in the country. If you went to Chicago last year his collection was in one of the main display cases as you walked in the exhibition hall.