Mike McNiel Asks; “Where’s Fred Goldring!?!?!”

Kevin Godbee

Mike McNiel of McClelland Tobacco Co. shared some intriguing vintage tobacco tins with me during the Kansas City Pipe Show. There were five tins, four from Dunhill, plus The Savory Blend from H.L. Savory & Co. Ltd., London. The four Dunhill tobaccos were; Standard Mixture, Three Year Matured, Aperitif, and Durbar.

According to Mike, Fred Hanna said that these tins, rather than being collectibles, should be in a museum. Their years of origin range from 1944 – 1955, and they came from retail tobacconist Iwan Ries & Co. in Chicago. They have never been opened, and the lids are bulging from the top due to the gas created by the fermentation that has happened over the years.

Mike received the tobaccos from a collector a couple of years ago. The tins have been kept cellared, cool and hidden from light, the entire time Mike has been in possession of them. The title of this post was suggest by Mike, and PipesMagazine.com was happy to oblige. Some people will get it, and some won’t, but we do like to have fun around here.

Here are some photos of the tins. (Click for larger images.)

7 Responses

  • WW 2 era tins are really intriguing. Considering the lack of consumer goods and rationing. As a student of history, especially WW 2, I would love to know the history on those particular tins.
    They definitely belong in a museum, perhaps the Imperial War museum in England, or the Smithsonian in the U.S.

  • Absolutely fascinating ! I have often dreamed of coming across a hidden stash of some of the “oldies” , of my early days. Even some of the more popular drug store blends like Revelation, or a pouch of Ivanhoe – a favorite of my grandfather’s. Perhaps the tobacco gods will smile on me one day and my dream will come true.

  • Smoke ’em! Smoke ’em all! The purpose of tobacco is to be smoked. Save the tin if you wish, but put the tobacco in your favorite old pipe and enjoy…