August 2014 Caption Contest Sponsored by & Savinelli Cartoon Caption Contest Sponsored by & Savinelli

Welcome to the August 2014 Cartoon Caption Contest. Cartoonist Jerry King creates pipe cartoons exclusively for every month. Each month, one of the four cartoons will be published without a caption so contest entrants can submit their own entries. and Savinelli co-sponsor the monthly contest. Editorial Staff will judge the entries and will award the prizes. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will each receive prizes as follows.

1st Place – Savinelli Spring Smooth (602) (6mm) MSRP $130.00, and Rossi Men’s Medium T-shirt
2nd Place – Savinelli Trevi Rusticated (310) (6mm) MSRP $88.00, and Savinelli Men’s Large T-shirt
3rd Place – Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobaccos – 2oz tins of  Joie de Vivre, Oak Alley, and Chenet’s Cake

For legal and logistical reasons, the contest is only open to residents of North America, excluding Quebec.

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:: See the July 2014 Winners Here

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3 Responses

  • Start by complementing her tattoos. Then a little later her body piercings. Women like being told they are special. Works for me all the time.

  • Appreciate you sponsoring cartoon comments. I also appreciate your fine tobacco’s. Most of the time you will find me smoking Sutliff Black Vanilla, Sutliff Black Kathy and I really enjoy Sutliff Mountain Pass. I am currently working through a bunch of your Tinned Tobacco’s.
    All the best,
    Fred Neslage