Orlik Golden Sliced Update – No Burley, Yes Perique

For my review of Orlik Golden Sliced, I contacted the very friendly and accommodating Orlik Factory Manager, Troels Juul Mikkelsen. Troels gave me my first pouch of Orlik Golden Sliced when I visited the factory last year.

He didn’t have the chance to answer me before my article deadline, so the review was published without some exceptionally interesting information that has now come through.



I asked for any background information, such as:

1. Geographic Origin of the tobaccos
2. Year the blend was first introduced
3. Percent of Virginia and Burley

Troels replied; "It is good to hear that Orlik Golden Slices is one of your favorites. Red Orlik, as we call it in Denmark, is my favorite, I enjoy it every day.

Red Orlik was born in July, 1958, and introduced to the Danish market. It was introduced by the company C. B. MÖLLER & Co.

The production of Red Orlik was moved to Assens Tobaksfabrik (from 1990 Orlik Tobacco Company) in the early 1970s.

Red Orlik was acquired by Orlik Tobacco Company in 1990. After a slow start, it is now the best selling pipe tobacco in Denmark.

The blend consists of 100 % mature Virginia tobaccos from the Old Belt, southern Brazil and Africa.

There is not any Burley in Red Orlik."


No Burley? I pointed out that the tin label says it contains Burley. (Click the image for a larger view.)

Even after pointing this out Mr. Mikkelsen was still quite skeptical about the presence of Burley. He should know as he smokes it every day. He commented, "I must compliment you on the comment concerning the missing burley taste you state in your review." He promised to check into the matter and get back to me.

So, at this point Troels and I both believe that Orlik Golden Sliced is 100% Virginia and that the label is wrong. We were half right. There is no Burley in the blend, but there is a touch of Perique! (Perique is kind of in the Burley family though anyway.)

Troels explains it as follows; "I have talked to marketing concerning the incorrect information about burley in Red Orlik. It is an old translation error, which unfortunately has not been corrected, it should have read Perique instead of Burley.

There is a pinch of Perique in Red Orlik and you are welcome to reveal that in your review. In the future Perique will be included in the description of Red Orlik.

Thank you for helping out in correcting this unfortunate error."

So there you have it. Tobacco mystery solved, and kind of a fun little story about a great tobacco blend that’s been around for 53 years.

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7 Responses

  • Oh! Magazine publishing isn’t enough for you, is it? Now you’re branching out into the world Investigative Journalism!… :)… 🙂
    Nice job. And a sincere thanks for making the effort to follow-up on your epicurean instincts.
    BTW, the suggestive power and marketing influence of you article is stunning! As I promised, I cracked open my only tin of OGS (Red Orlik) and decided that I should probably by some back-up tins for my cellar. Discovered that, in the wake of your article OGS was sold out. Uh, thanks for nothin’ ! 🙂

  • I imagine the conversation could have gone something like this:
    Kevin: I’m sorry Troels, but I just don’t taste the Burley in OGS.
    Troels: Wrong Kevin, it’s Perique that you’re not tasting!

  • Great investigative pipe writing! (And keeping onto Mr. Mikkelsen until he uncovered the truth!)
    I’ve long been wary of tin descriptions. They should be taken with a grain of salt. 🙂

  • OGS is one of my favorite blends. I have a bunch of empty tins nailed to my garage wall. Wife calls them “trophies”, which I guess they are. Reminds me to stock up on some more tins.

  • I enjoyed reading about the quaint confusion as to the ingredients of OGS. In a world where I can’t go to the restaurant without reading every detail about how my food was sourced and cooked (and can’t even drink a beer without a warning label advising me that drinking can affect my driving) it is good to see that there is at least a little “mystery” left in the world!