Marty Pulvers Interview from the West Coast Pipe Show

On the last day of the West Coast Pipe Show, as things were starting to wind down, we were finally able to corner Marty Pulvers, one of the show’s organizers. Marty has a long history in the pipe business. For nearly 20 years, he owned and operated the retail shop Sherlock’s Haven, in San Francisco’s financial district. His store was given the honor of being named one of the ’10 Best Tobacco Shops In The World’ by Forbes Magazine online. He closed his store in June of 2006 and now operates an online store selling both new & estate pipes. Here is Cynthia Sargent’s 7-minute interview with Marty talking about what the West Coast Pipe Show offers to the world of pipe smokers and collectors.

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Marty’s online store is Pulvers’ Briar

West Coast Pipe Show Website

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7 Responses

  • I think Marty has a nice sense of perspective in that he sees the pipe show as more than a venue for selling and trading pipes. He emphasizes the camaraderie and learning one experiences by such get togethers; and I think his dedication to the hobby is laudable. Thanks for giving us a chance to meet him.

  • Marty was a pleasure to meet and be around for the entire show! He is a very energetic man who has a passion for our hobby!

  • I first met Marty years ago when I bought pipe tobacco from him in his San Francisco store Sherlock’s Haven. I came in with an idea about trying Virginia, but I was rather confused as to what would be a good choice. He gently steered me away from some junk I was planning on buying and put a tin of Dunhill’s Light Flake into my hand. I have been a confirmed Virginia smoker every since! I still miss his store very much. He is a very nice man and very knowledgable.
    I hope to be able to make the next West Coast pipe show to belatedly thank him, and enjoy the camraderie and fun!

  • I think I was one one of Marty’s first customers back in the day when he first took over Sherlock’s Haven. He was a great mentor and heck of a nice guy. I remember he told me he used to go open markets – sit on a mat and put his refurbished pipes to sell. Man, he has come a long way since then. It just goes to show that when you follow your passion or bliss – amazing things can happen. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man. Now the scary thig – while I have gotten older and fatter – Marty still looks and sounds the same – maybe a little whiter in the beard. Marty keep on truckin amigo.