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S.T. Dupont Review and a Tale of Two Lighters

Tale of Two Lighters

S.T. Dupont Company makes some of the finest and most expensive lighters in the tobacco smoking world.  They are indeed a luxury item for pipe smokers who wish to light […]

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Sparking Up Your Pipe with a Rattray’s Lighter

Recently, on the Pipes Magazine Forums, a user asked an open question about the Rattray’s Grand Lighter.  I had not used or spent much time looking into those, so I […]

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The Cadillac of Lighters: Dunhill Rollagas

James Foster While they are not the most expensive lighters you can own, they do come pretty darn close if you’re buying new.  Hopefully this article will give you some […]

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Vintage Styling and Quality Continued: The IM Corona Old Boy

James Foster In my last lighter review and un-boxing, I spent some time comparing the Kiribi Pipe Lighter to the “im corona” Old Boy.  So now it’s time to take […]

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From Sparks of Good Will to the Warmth of a Perfect Light

James Foster Like pipes of different quality and cost, lighters are very similar. While there is a point you get diminishing returns for the price on both, I’ve found that […]

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