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McClelland Back On CI

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  • Started 5 years ago by JJ Pipes
  • Latest reply from bulldogbriar
  1. mrjerke

    JJ Pipes

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    So I used my $10 coupon Monday on Cigars International on an order of Dunhill Flake and Peterson's Perfect Plug. I would've like to use it on some McClelland St. James Woods but McClelland blends had mysteriously disappeared off the site at the start of the promotion due to a "computer error."

    But like magic Jan 1 when the promotion had expired...McClelland has returned! But they are different blends than they previous carried, which is ok with me. They now have a few I've been interested in trying such as Boston 1776 and Pebblecut.

    I get a lot of cigars from CI and you can find some great deals on tins as well.


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  2. sfsteves


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    guess I was lucky ... I sat on my coupon for several days before deciding to use it on some McClelland #27 ... it wasn't too long after I pulled the trigger that I saw the post on here about McClelland not being at CI any longer.

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  3. bulldogbriar


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    I have tryed Boston 1776 it has a good tin note ( typical McClellan katchup smell), and it burned well and had a great room note but had absolutely taste at all, not even a tobacco taste.

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