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This place is certainly a cigar shop with a tiny amount of pipe stuff. Though it's minimalist the stuff they have is quality and the staff isn't as knowledgeable about pipes as cigars but they never seem to pretend to know more then they actually do. They have a lot of bulk and as far as that goes it's about what you'd expect a good mix nothing terrible and probably a gem or two hiding in there. So basically don't seek it out but if you're ever in the area and need cleaners or a tin or pouch it's there.


Oct 29, 2011
I'm glad you mentioned the Cigar Den. I haven't been there for a long time even though I live in State College. I make the drive to Boswell"s shop in Alexandria once or twice a month. The CD used to carry a decent stock of Peterson's tobaccos along with their bulk.
I plan to go into town this week to pick up some things at one of the bicycle shops. I'll check out the CD while I'm there.