What is an "all-day blend"?

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Jul 21, 2015
newbroom writes:
All Day Blend?
How do you define this term? What is your criteria? Should I start a whole new 'topic'?

We've got a lot of members who don't smoke enough to use this term, but I think they do still use it.

I've seen it used when a tobacco is rich and tasty but unusually strong "this is rich and tasty but not an all day blend."

Or, "this one is full of perique and latakia and stoved virginias, but it's so perfectly blended, pressed and cut that it is easily an all day blend."
I smoke all day. I seldom smoke the same tobacco twice in a row. I wonder if I'm doing it wrong?
My take: "all-day blend" means any tobacco that you can smoke for hours with minimal fuss. The archetype of these is OTCs like Carter Hall and Prince Albert, but it varies with what type of pipe smoker you are. I need a higher nicotine and flavor profile, so for me all day smokes are blends like OJY, RY and IF.
You, on the other hand, may be a different type of smoker and you may not have an all-day blend. You're driven intensely by variety which contradicts the idea of an all-day blend in itself. The term reached prominence when the copywriters at P&C started using it as shorthand for low-nicotine, mellow flavor blends.



Nov 3, 2015
for me, it would be something that could replace the idea of "cigarettes" as I smoke about a pack a day... I would go for a virginia type of blend, preferably flake, with a narrow but enjoyable flavor profile. of course I can not acquire such tobaccos so I don't think about it a whole lot



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Aug 9, 2013
On a day when I will just be working on something and I want to keep gear to a minimum, I'll take one pipe and one baggie or tin with me. Usually the blend will be a Virginia that I trust not to ware my tongue out, a bright or stoved Virginia.



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Jul 10, 2015
For me an All Day Blend is one that can be smoked back to back without harshness or bite, with a nicotine strength of mild to medium. The blend has to retain its flavor from top to bottom. I don't like that ashy taste that you can sometimes get towards the bottom of the bowl.



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Jul 1, 2013
To me it is an overused term. I think it is used often for tobacco that tastes good enough that you think that you could smoke multiple bowls in a row but I don't think that is actually tried doing so. I would agree it is something with minimal fuss, burns easily and has flavor you don't tire of. I don't say that about blends. But I did smoke 3 bowls of old tartan the other day in one day. It didn't have a sore tongue afterwards so I would throw that one in the mix.



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Jul 28, 2013
For me, it's burleys. I can smoke a burley blend all day long, but one bowl of anything else burns me badly.