Southlinch is Delicious

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Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
Went home to visit a buddy of mine this weekend and we opened my tin of Southlinch. It is really really good. This was GL Pease's 2002 blend for NASPC. Unfortunately I'm smoking Key Largo right now so I'm not in the right mind to do a detailed review, but here are some things to note: Old Smokes are GREAT! Southlinch is no exception. Being 10 years old, it is pretty dry. I haven't taken the time to rehydrate any yet, but even the faster burning dry stuff keeps pretty cool if smoked calmly. The best part here is the Syrian Latakia. If you like Latakia and are newer to smoking and have never had any, find some, and Buy It! It's great. A few years ago my friend had a tin of Bohemian Scandal, and it was so great. But, as a pipe smoker I was still rather young, and in the years since had sort of forgotten why. I finished a tin of Mephisto recently, and now smoking Southlinch I was able to pinpoint the common leaf immediately and knew exactly why BoSca was so great. Syria. It provides a tang, and stays on your pallet for quite some time. I think it stands out in a blend more than Cyprian. This could be because I don't have it as often, but I feel like Cyprian blends, supports, and fills in any gap, yet Syrian says "HI! I'M RIGHT HERE! TASTE ME!" and then does everything cyprian does as well!
Happy Smoking. :puffy: